Leaving Finland (and Nokia), coming back to Italy!


After a very pleasant experience in Finland (Tampere), I’ve finally come back to Italy. I had the opportunity to work for three months in Nokia as “Qt Expert” in “Nokia Developer Forum” and it’s been an amazing job!

To be more precise I left Finland on August 31th, but I didn’t have much time to blog about this. Finally I can use my desktop PC again and I’m not anymore limited to my small netbook. Trust me… spending 3 months with a 11’’ netbook and pretending to work normally is really frustrating.

Now I have more spare time (too much :\ ) to contribute to Ubuntu and to play with some new technologies: I’m working on a project that uses Arduino, Android and some “robotic” parts, with people of Pistoia Linux User Group and it’s really an amazing learning experience!

Talking about Ubuntu, if you have never contributed to it and you would like to start with something easy, I suggest you this interesting initiative https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/BugFixingInitiative

In the mean time I’m also looking for new opportunities and challenges (aka = looking for a new job), so if you think you may be interested in me, take a couple of minutes to give a look to my LinkedIn profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/andreagrandi

I will attend next UDS in Copenaghen (99% sure) and I already have a couple of topics I would like to work with, but I will talk about these later, first I want to properly create a blueprint in Launchpad so we will have a starting point.

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