I have 13 years’ experience in professional software development, and I am an expert user and administrator of Linux systems. I have always been a strong contributor of open source projects with experience in community management. I coordinated a team of developers in a geographically distributed group for 2 years working as software architect. I am always willing to experiment new technologies and I am motivated to work in team.

Current position: Software Engineer at Marks & Spencer (London)


  • Python/Django backend developer
  • basic Go knowledge
  • good Qt/C++ knowledge
  • 6 years experience with .Net/C#
  • basic experience of C/GTK and Java
  • experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ms-SQL and MongoDB databases
  • 4 years experience in application development for mobile platforms
  • Linux servers administrator (Debian/Ubuntu)
  • “Nokia Qt Ambassador” and “Nokia Developer Champion”

Professional Experience

Software Development

February 2016 / present – Software Engineer at Marks & Spencer (London): Working in the “Quick Order” team to deliver a Python/Django based tool used internally by the customer care. I’m also working on the Android version of Quick Store used by staff in stores.

June 2015 / February 2016 – Python/Django developer at Plentific (London): Working on the Python/Django backend of the website, a property service market partner of Zoopla and Prime Location. Helping with some of the devops tasks on the infrastructure that runs on AWS.

March 2015 / May 2015 – Python/Django, Go Platform Engineer at Yoyo (London): As a Platform Engineer, I’m working on the backend implementation of the product, developing the API with Python and using Go to write complementary micro services.

April 2013 / March 2015 – Python/Django backend developer at Glow (London): I helped maintaining the backend code of the main product “Glow Machine” and played an important role in the development of a new application, developing the rest API and interacting with other API services. All these products were mainly developed in Python/Django (with an ExtJS frontend) and using both PostgreSQL and MongoDB as databases. At Glow I also maintained the infrastrastructure (Debian server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Django, Nginx) where we deployed the web application.

June 2012 / September 2012 – Software Engineer in Nokia (Tampere): I worked in Nokia with a 3 months contract as software engineer in the “Nokia Developer Forum”. My role was writing examples in Qt/C++, working on some Qt libraries and helping developers on Nokia Forum. During this period I worked to SocialConnect, a Qt library to connect to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ( ) and QGoogleAuth, a Qt library that implements 2-steps Google authentication ( ).

June 2011 / October 2011 – CuteSoma development: I developed a client for Nokia N9/N950 in Qt/QML/C++, it’s currently available on Nokia Store and source code is available too

June 2009 / September 2009 – Software Developer for Igalia: During a 3 months Internship at Igalia I developed a Python binding for MAFW (a multimedia framework for Maemo OS).

November 2006 / December 2006 – Software Developer for Develer: I developed an embedded software in C language that manages employees badge and doors alarm.

July 2005 / October 2006 – Software Architect and QA for Kyklos: I joined the company as Quality Assurance for some softwares they were developing, then I developed some parts of applications in C# (.Net) language, then I wrote the architecture of some .Net class for Kyklos programmers team in Romania.

January 2004 / July 2005 – Software Developer for Megamente: I developed applications in C# and Vb.Net languages. The kind of application I developed are web applications, desktop applications and embedded applications (with .Net Compact Framework).

August 2003 / January 2004 – Software Developer for Orange Informatica: I developed applications in Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic.Net, Microsoft Access applications and a little of PHP/MySQL.

August 2002 / July 2003 – Software Developer for Levon Italia: I developed database applications in Vb.Net and MsSql Server and I was a System Administrator for their Linux server.

June 2001 / September 2001 – Software Developer for Softec: I’ve been a software developer at Softec S.r.l. for the Audiotex customer (an important local Call Center).

Opensource Contributor

January 2011 / present – Ubuntu Community Contributor: I’ve always been involved in spreading Ubuntu, thanks to the activity we organize in our Linux user group. From May 2011 I also started contributing to Unity-2D project fixing some bugs and helping with tests and bug reports. I also attended UDS-O and UDS-P giving my contribute during sessions and also leading one during latest UDS. You can find more informations on my Ubuntu wiki page:

April 2008 / present – Maemo Community Contributor: I’m a Maemo Community contributor since 2008. I help the community itself helping with organization of events and developing applications for Maemo. You can view my public profile here:

January 2001 / present – PtLUG Founder: I’m the founder and president of Pistoia Linux User Group. Website:

September 2010 / March 2011 – Maemo Council member: I’ve been working in the Maemo Council for 6 months: helping new community developers to get involved in some project and contributing to improve the Maemo QA for community applications –

System Administrator

September 2011 / present – Pistoia Wireless project manager: I’m responsible for Pistoia Wireless project, a network of free wifi hotspot with centralized authentication. I’m working to this project with other PtLUG members. The project is sponsored by Regione Toscana.

January 2005 / December 2008 – System Administrator for Sis Informatica: I’ve been a system administrator for some Linux servers of Sis Informatica in Pistoia.


August 2003 / January 2004 – Teacher in high school: As “Orange Informatica” employee I had to teach database classes in a local high school (“Istituto Professionale di Stato per l’Industria e l’Artigianato “Antonio Pacinotti”, Pistoia).

January 2002 / December 2002 – Teacher for Arcosystem: I was a Linux and Visual Basic teacher in Arcosystem.


January 2002 / December 2008 – Articles writer for Linux&C: I have written several articles for Linux & C, an important Linux Italian magazine.

January 2001 / December 2004 – Articles writer for Apogeo: I have written many articles concerning the new technologies and the opensource world for Apogeonline website.

Conferences and Talks

May 2010 – PySide: Python Bindings for the Qt Framework (PyCon Italy): I gave a conference talk about “Python Bindings for the Qt Framework” at the Italian Python conference. You can find more informations here:

October 2009 – python-mafw: MAFW framework for Python developers (Maemo Summit): I gave a conference talk about “python-mafw: MAFW framework for Python developers” at the Maemo Summit 2009 in Amsterdam. You can find more informations here:

September 2008 – ESBox and Pluthon Eclipse plugins: how to use Eclipse to develop Maemo applications (Maemo Summit): I gave a conference talk about “ESBox and Pluthon Eclipse plugins: how to use Eclipse to develop Maemo applications” at the Maemo Summit 2008 in Dublin. You can find more informations here:

May 2008 – PyMaemo: Python for Nokia Internet Tablet (PyCon Italy): I gave a conference talk about “Python for Nokia Internet Tablet” at the Italian Python conference. You can find more informations here:

Languages Knowledge

  • Italian: native
  • English: fluent
  • Spanish: basic