wxGTK working on Maemo

Posted on Mon 17 December 2007 in HowTo, Linux, Maemo (EN), Programmazione • Tagged with maemo, SDK, tablet, wx

Reading the official WxWidget blog, I discovered that one of their developer was working to hildonize [WxWidgets]{style="font-weight: bold;"}. I wanted to know if that was just a test or if this library could work in Maemo, so I followed his suggestion and I grabbed the latest SVN sources:

svn checkout http://svn.wxwidgets.org/svn/wx/wxWidgets/trunk wxWidgets

and I compiled it in this way:

cd wxWidgets ./configure --with-hildon make make install

then I grabbed a simple "HelloWorld" from the official documentation. You can find the complete source code here.

I compiled the source code in this way:

g++ hworld.cpp wx-config --libs wx-config --cxxflags -o hworld

then I ran it in the usual way:

run-standalone.sh ./hworld

The result? I think that a screenshoot is better than thousand words :)


Note: I tested this inside Scratchbox, using CHINOOK_x86 target, so I think it will work fine on Os2008. This could be a good thing to help other developers porting some interesting applications (uhm... aMule for example ;) ) to Maemo.