Ubuntu Global Jam Italy (Pistoia): a quick review

Posted on Sun 04 March 2012 in Linux, Ubuntu (EN) • Tagged with LoCo, pistoia, Ubuntu, UGJ

Yesterday in Pistoia (Italy) we had the Ubuntu Global Jam and about 15 people attended the event. We began with an introductive talk by Paolo Sammicheli about the Italian Ubuntu Community and how it is possible to contribute to Ubuntu. We divided in two small groups, one translating from English to Italian (coordinated on IRC by the people of the community) and another group leaded by Marco Trevisan, learning how to implement automatic tests in Unity code (in particular he introduced us Autopilot, more information here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/QA/Autopilot ). Next time I would like to ask people to register to Launchpad and sign the Code of Conduct before attending the global jam. We wasted a lot of time with this task.

ugj pistoia

At the end of the day me and the other people from Pistoia, took the other people for a quick tour around the city where we had the possibility to eat some tasty food. It was a very amazing day and people who started collaborating for the first time were very happy! I think this has been a successful day, at least for us. I hope the other LoCo are having a good Jam as well and I really can't wait for the next Ubuntu Global Jam.