Spim - MIPS Emulator for N770

Posted on Thu 25 October 2007 in Linux, Maemo (EN), Programmazione • Tagged with 770, emulator, mips, nokia, spim

Spim is a self-contained simulator that will run MIPS32 assembly language programs. It reads and executes assembly language programs written for this processor. spim also provides a simple debugger and minimal set of operating system services. spim does not execute binary (compiled) programs.

I made a port of spim for the Nokia 770/800 device just for fun and to start learning how to do ports.


You can download spim for N770/800 from here: http://www.ptlug.org/download/packages/spim_7.3-1_armel.deb


To create the package i followed the guide lines in these websites: