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  1. Social Connect QML plugin: access Facebook, Twitter from your Qt/QML applications

    Social Connect is a library written in Qt that allows applications to easily connect to services like Facebook and Twitter. Recently I had the opportunity to work on this library improving it and adding support for Instagram (work is still in progress but it's almost finished).

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    The main features of this library are:

    • Out-of-the-box support for Facebook and Twitter
    • Integrated authentication implementation
    • Simplified common interface for all supported services
    • Provides interfaces for native API calls
    • Design enabling easy addition of new services e.g. LinkedIn

    If you are writing an application that needs to access these services, this could be the library for you. It can be extended to support even other services like LinkedIn, Flickr etc... and I would like to invite people to contribute to the code. The library has been tested with Qt 4.8.1 on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 but it should be compatible with any other versions/platforms.

    For more informations about getting started with the library, I suggest you to give a look at this page 
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  2. Nokia QtSDK installer crash on Ubuntu: how to fix it

    If you try to install Nokia QtSDK on Ubuntu using the Nokia installer (that provides a newer version than the one distributed in Ubuntu Software Center) you could get an error like this:

    [sourcecode lang="text"]
    (Qt_SDK_Lin32_offline_v1_1_3_en.run:3126): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed

    to fix it, you need to run the installer with a specific parameter:

    [sourcecode lang="text"]
    [email protected]:\~/Downloads/Qt\$ ./Qt_SDK_Lin32_offline_v1_1_4_en.run -style cleanlooks

    and everything should work!

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  3. Announcing mSoma: Maemo/MeeGo client for SomaFM

    SomaFM is a streaming radio with near 16 different channels, available for free. Even if it's possible to copy-paste their streaming URLs to N900 Media Player, we (me and Lorenzo Bettini) decided to create a custom application, to make channels switching easier for the end user and to be able to add more features. We decided to take advantage of the new Nokia SDK and write the application in Qt/C++. Source code is available on Gitorious and it's always updated with latest version we're working on. If someone want to test the application, it's available in extras-devel repository  ("msoma" under Multimedia section) of N900.

    [caption id="attachment_380" align="aligncenter" width="389" caption="mSoma"]{.size-full .wp-image-380 width="389" height="233"}[/caption]

    The UI is still in development as you can see. The application is already usable, but of course we have to work hard on the user interface. Feel free to test/use it and send us any feedback. If you want to contribute to our project (coders are welcome) please send us a patch with your code or ask us to be added to mSoma development team in Gitorious.

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