MAFW and Python: asking for developers feedback

Posted on Wed 05 August 2009 in Igalia, Linux, Maemo (EN), Programmazione, Python • Tagged with bindings, fremantle, maemo, mafw, Python

MAFW is a new multimedia framework that will be used in Fremantle.

The PyMaemo team is currently working on writing bindings for Python
language for this library and at the moment we've released a 0.1
version of python-mafw that you can install directly from Scratchbox

Not all the methods are implemented (you can manage the Registry and
the Playlist, but nothing more), because even if we're using codegen
to generate bindings (and it's helping us a lot), we've seen that at
least 30-40 methods have to be overridden by hand so it's taking us
more time than we expected and we're trying to organize how to
continue this work.

We would like to get feedback from python application developers and
also from C application developers that are currently using MAFW so we
can work on a "roadmap" that reflects what developers want:

  • What are the functionalities you're using in your application that you think they cannot miss in the Python binding?
  • Have you already started using MAFW or even better python-mafw to develop something?
  • What is the currently missing method/methods you would like to be implemented first?

Come on developers! We're waiting for your feedback :)