I officially joined the PyMaemo team

Posted on Sat 25 July 2009 in Igalia, Linux, Maemo (EN), Programmazione, Python • Tagged with bindings, freemantle, Igalia, maemo, Python

This summer I'm working for 2 months at Igalia, a spanish free software company, and they assigned me the project of writing a Python binding for MAFW (a new multimedia library that will be included in Freemantle).

After few days I discovered that PyMaemo team was already working to it, so I asked to join them and they accepted me!

I really love Python language and since I think other developers love it too, I think we should provide good bindings for every library available in Maemo, so lot of developers can start writing their applications in this language.

I'll work to this project full time until the first week of september, so I hope to be able to learn a lot and to contribute as much as I can to this project.

If anyone else want to join PyMaemo team and help us to develop Python bindings, I think he will be welcome!