Fon: how long are you going to play tricks on users?

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As many of you already know, Fon is a spanish company that some years ago had the interesting idea of creating a wifi community to share the Internet connection. The idea is quite simple: each "fonero" buy a Fonera (the router sold by Fon), register it on the Fon system and get a username/password. If the fonero travels around the world he's able to connect to wifi signal of other foneras and browse the web for free.

When I bought my first fonera few years ago, I was one of the first people in my city. I bought it because I was really beliving in this project. During these years Fon produced new models of fonera and I bought each of them (the WRT54 router, Fonera, Fonera+, Fonera 2.0g, Fonera 2.0n ecc....). Since first year, the Fon community has grown a lot and now there are a lot of foneros around the world.

Actual situation

Few months ago Fon launched a very interesting product: Fonera 2.0g. Thats's not only a router. Fonera 2 is capable of managing torrents, rapidshare downloads, uploading photo on Facebook and Flickr, and much more. Whats's wrong with this product? It's very unstable! There are a lot of users that bought this router when it was anounced and they're still waiting for a lot of bugs to be fixed by Fon developers team (composed by only ONE person!). Why users had to wait so long?

Simple! They were working to Fonera 2.0n! Wow! Faster router, more RAM, 4 ethernet port, wonderful! But... another very unstable router! And with unstable I mean: it disconnects/reboots often, connection is unstable, applications don't work ecc.... I'm talking about a 79€ router, not about something that users had as preview product. Me and other users were still waiting for an uograde when... Fon announced a new product! Yes, another one!

Fon priority is not to fix a product that thousand of users have already bought. Fon priority is to produce and sell a new product!


It could be only my opinion, but I don't trust you anymore Fon! I'm really disappointed about your behaviour you had with your customers. I've already spent (wasted) a lot of money with your not-working products and I'm not going to buy your products anymore! I'm tired of being illuded by your promises: how long are you going to play tricks on users?

Come passare dalla modalità enduser alla modalità developer su Fonera 2

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Fino ad ora, i possessori di Fonera 2.0 che volevano passare alla modalità "developer" (e quindi avere anche l'accesso via SSH) dovevano flashare la fonera con un'apposita immagine, facendo uso del cavo seriale oppure della procedura con il cavo di rete che utilizza Redboot.

Da oggi è disponibile un nuovo plugin che permette di passare automaticamente alla modalità developer, basta andare (ad esempio) su questa pagina del router:

La Fonera passerà a questo punto in modalità developer e dovremo effettuare due reboot affinchè SSH sia attivato. Non dimenticatevi ovviamente di aprire l'accesso SSH nella configurazione del firewall della Fonera. Accedendo via SSH, vi troverete davanti questi messaggi:

[email protected]  
The authenticity of host ' (' can't be
RSA key fingerprint is e5:6e:fc:70:73:44:f6:cd:30:bd:ac:2d:53:d2:ab:a9.  
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes  
Warning: Permanently added '' (RSA) to the list of known
[email protected]'s password:

BusyBox v1.11.1 (2009-04-17 12:45:57 CEST) built-in shell (ash)  
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

_.-~ )  
_..--~~~~,' ,-/ _  
.-'. . . .' ,-',' ,' )  
,'. . . _ ,--~,-'__..-' ,'  
,'. . . (@)' ---~~~~ ,'  
/. . . . '~~ ,-'  
/. . . . . ,-'  
; . . . . - . ,'  
: . . . . _ /  
. . . . . `-.:  
. . . ./ - . )  
. . . | _____..---.._/ ____ Seal _  
~---~~~~----~~~~ ~~


-------- Fonera 2.0 Firmware (v2.2.5.0) -----------  
* Based on OpenWrt -  
* Powered by FON -  
[email protected]:~# uname -a  
Linux Fonera #9 Tue Apr 21 11:32:31 CEST 2009 mips unknown  
[email protected]:~#

Cercherò prossimamente, nel caso ci sia interesse, di scrivere qualche post piu' approfondito su questa nuova Fonera, in modo da mostrare le caratteristiche di questo dispositivo.