Fundraising for CuteSoma ( mobile client) development

Developing CuteSoma and maintaining it for three different platforms (Nokia N9, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10) is really taking me a lot of time. I’ve many features in mind to add but I can’t dedicate much spare time to them and to do it I should take time from other paid projects. I’ve also discarded the idea to make CuteSoma a paid app, because it’s been always free (except the Windows Phone one that was non-free for just a month, but only 6 people “SIX” bought the app).

So I decided to open a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo that is a service like KickStarter, but it’s available all around the world (not just in USA and UK like Kickstarter).

What do I Need & What You Get

I would like to raise at least 5.000‚ā¨ to be able to keep maintaining the existing features and to implement new one. Developing for 3 different platforms really takes a lot of time. I also need to find a way to get a Windows Phone 8 device because at the moment I cannot test some features using just the emulator.

What the application currently does:

  • You can view the list of channels
  • You can listen any channel

Features I would like to add:

  • Scrobbling song to
  • Write a new MediaSource for Windows Phone (the default one is quite bugged and I need to implement one from scratch)
  • Port the BlackBerry10 version to the native CascadesUI

The Impact

Funding the development of CuteSoma you will make thousands of people really happy, because they will be able to listen to on their Nokia N9, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 devices. You will also make me feel apreciated for all the hours I’m spending to write the code ūüôā

Completly Opensource

Yes. CuteSoma is completly¬†opensource. I keep my source code on GitHub and BitBucket and it’s always updated. All the CuteSoma versions are released under the¬†GPL license.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you want to contribute but you can’t or you don’t want to send money, you could help me in the following ways:

1) Download and use the application:

2) Tweet/Blog about this fund raising campaign:

Leaving Finland (and Nokia), coming back to Italy!

After a very pleasant experience in Finland (Tampere), I’ve finally come back to Italy. I had the opportunity to work for three months in Nokia as “Qt Expert” in “Nokia Developer Forum” and it’s been an amazing job!

To be more precise I left Finland on August 31th, but I didn’t have much time to blog about this. Finally I can use my desktop PC again and I’m not anymore limited to my small netbook. Trust me… spending 3 months with a 11” netbook and pretending to work normally is really frustrating.

Now I have more spare time (too much :\ ) to contribute to Ubuntu and to play with some new technologies: I’m working on a project that uses Arduino, Android and some “robotic” parts, with people of Pistoia Linux User Group and it’s really an amazing learning experience!

Talking about Ubuntu, if you have never contributed to it and you would like to start with something easy, I suggest you this interesting initiative

In the mean time I’m also looking for new opportunities and challenges (aka = looking for a new job), so if you think you may be interested in me, take a couple of minutes to give a look to my LinkedIn profile¬†

I will attend next UDS in Copenaghen (99% sure) and I already have a couple of topics I would like to work with, but I will talk about these later, first I want to properly create a blueprint in Launchpad so we will have a starting point.

Social Connect QML plugin: access Facebook, Twitter from your Qt/QML applications

Social Connect is a library written in Qt that allows applications to easily connect to services like Facebook and Twitter. Recently I had the opportunity to work on this library improving it and adding support for Instagram (work is still in progress but it’s almost finished).

The main features of this library are:

  • Out-of-the-box support for Facebook and Twitter
  • Integrated authentication implementation
  • Simplified common interface for all supported services
  • Provides interfaces for native API calls
  • Design enabling easy addition of new services e.g. LinkedIn

If you are writing an application that needs to access these services, this could be the library for you. It can be extended to support even other services like LinkedIn, Flickr etc… and I would like to invite people to contribute to the code. The library has been tested with¬†Qt 4.8.1¬†on¬†Ubuntu Linux 12.04¬†but it should be compatible with any other versions/platforms.

For more informations about getting started with the library, I suggest you to give a look at this page

CuteSoma – worldwide downloads statistic for Nokia N9

CuteSoma ( client for Nokia N9) has been available for 4 months now and it’s the right time to publish some interesting statistics about downloads. First of all I didn’t expect so much interest and I wasn’t sure to have so many downloads, due to the fact that Nokia never advertised this device properly. But luckly lot of people don’t care about advertising and buy a product anyway if they know it’s one of the best available on the smartphone market.

I’m really happy to notice that the number of downloads is growing each month, this motivates me to continue with development (well… when my N950 comes back from Nokia, since I had to send it because it was broken).

I want to thank all the 3658 people that downloaded CuteSoma until now and all the people that are sending me their feedback, ideas and patches (yes Cornelius Hald, I’m talking about you ūüėÄ ) you’re giving me a big opportunity to learn C++/Qt/QML.

CuteSoma: Soma.Fm client for Nokia N9/N950 now available on OVI Store

CuteSoma is a client of Soma.Fm streaming radio that I wrote using Qt/QML for Nokia N9 and Nokia N950. Previously it was available as a .deb only, now you can install it directly from the OVI Store. It’s only a 0.1 version and even if it’s quite stable it may contains some bugs: please report me any bug so I can try to fix them as soon as possible.

CuteSoma is opensource and released under the GPL v.3 license. You can find the complete source code here:

There is a poll available to let the final users choose the new icon for this application, you can find it here:
I asked for help to design a new icon and I received two, so I’m letting the final users choose which one they like most.

To get this application you need to search “cutesoma” on OVI Store client or visit this link¬†

Please remember that CuteSoma is free, but if you want you can make me a donation or offer me a beer using the “Donazione” button on the right column.