CuteSoma: Soma.Fm client for Nokia N9/N950 now available on OVI Store

Posted on Fri 30 September 2011 in Maemo (EN), MeeGo

CuteSoma is a client of Soma.Fm streaming radio that I wrote using Qt/QML for Nokia N9 and Nokia N950. Previously it was available as a .deb only, now you can install it directly from the OVI Store. It's only a 0.1 version and even if it's quite stable it may contains some bugs: please report me any bug so I can try to fix them as soon as possible.


CuteSoma is opensource and released under the GPL v.3 license. You can find the complete source code here:

There is a poll available to let the final users choose the new icon for this application, you can find it here:
I asked for help to design a new icon and I received two, so I'm letting the final users choose which one they like most.

To get this application you need to search "cutesoma" on OVI Store client or visit this link

Please remember that CuteSoma is free, but if you want you can make me a donation or offer me a beer using the "Donazione" button on the right column.

Announcing my standing for the Maemo Council Q3-2010

Posted on Fri 27 August 2010 in Maemo (EN), MeeGo

I've decided to candidate myself again (yes, I wasn't elected last time) for the Maemo Council elections. During these months I've tried to help more the Maemo Community and I've started working to two Qt/C++ projects. Here you can find something more about me.

Name: Andrea Grandi profile: Andy80 -
Corporate affiliation: none


My name is Andrea Grandi, I live in Italy and I'm a Computer Science student. I've worked for some years as a software developer, then I started university. I'm part of the Maemo Community since 2007. Since then I like to help new users, organizing events, developing applications for Maemo. During this year I've started developing applications using Qt/C++ for N900, to be ready when MeeGo for handled devices will be out. I really like to collaborate with other community members to build together the best product ever.

My life in the Community

Current Activities

I'm currently working to two Maemo/MeeGo projects. The first one is mSoma, a Soma.Fm client that I'm developing with Lorenzo Bettini. The other one is LastGo, a client. Both applications are written in Qt/C++ and are using QtMobility as multimedia libraries.


I really would like to be able to do more for the community and one of the best way could be to be part of the council, to help both users/developers to explain their requests to Nokia and Nokia to understand the requests from the community. There are a lot of fantastic ideas coming from the community that could improve what we are doing: the key is to organize them and giving them more attention. This is what I've always looked for: working together to build something great! This will be probably the last Maemo Council, since now we (Maemo) and them (Moblin) are all part of the same community: MeeGo, and I'd like to help Maemo people to feel the most comfortable possible in our new Community.