MeeGo Conference 2010 / Early Bird Events

Posted on Sun 05 September 2010 in Linux, Maemo (EN), MeeGo, Programmazione

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It would be nice to organize a weekend like the Barcelona Long Weekend we (the Maemo Community) organized on October 2009. These two days should be completly organized by the community and for the community. No formal conferences or talks, but interactive activities and hacking sessions where you, the participant, are the main actor.

What about the content of these two days? We could have (for example) programming tutorials, Qt tutorials, hacking sessions on a specific task, round tables where a developer explains his difficoulties implementing a feature and the others help him, ecc...

The first thing to do is spreading this and asking people (users, developers ecc...) what they would like to find during these two days. Once we've gathered some nice ideas we can organize them better.

When and Where

The basic idea is to organize these two days on November 13th, 14th. About the location that will host us we still have no idea. Probably it will be possible to use the same hotel used for the MeeGo Conference, but this must be confirmed yet.

Ideas for the program structure

  • Active participation in the event - less talk, more code. No powerpoints - just you, the editor and the compiler. Be productive!
  • A two-day Hackathon: Start putting your ideas into fresh code, or finish a project that has been on the back burner for some time
  • Participants are encouraged to share their progress at the end of each day - what they accomplished, where they need further help, etc.
  • A short but intensive indroduction to Qt/C++ (something like 3-4 hours course, offered by some expert developer)
  • Round tables to discuss about UI improvements or features implementation: a developer could have found some difficoult implementing the UI for his application or to provide a particular feature. Other expert developers could try to help him with his problem.
  • A workshop for x86 developers on getting started with MeeGo development for ARM - end goal: By the end of the session, everyone has a sample application running in an emulator on their laptop
  • Developer tools training - a half day on using git, valgrind, oprofile

Discussion resources

The official place where I would like to take this discussion forward is the MeeGo Forum. The official thread is available here:
We also have started a discussion on Maemo Forum and you can find it here:

The official page with all informations available is on MeeGo Wiki: