Using QML qt-components with QtQNX for BlackBerry PlayBook

Posted on Fri 30 March 2012 in HowTo, Programmazione, Qt

With BlackBerry PlayBook you can now use Qt libraries to develop your applications. The problem is that QML components are not available yet (they will be available with CascadesUI in the near future), but you can use Symbian qt-components to develop your application UI. This should also make the porting of an existing Symbian Qt application easier.

We suppose you have already built and installed QtQNX under this directory: ~/QtQNX/ARM/ (please change it matching the folder where you installed it).
At this point you have to get qt-components sources using this command:

git clone git://

Now enter the directory you just checked and compile the components:

cd qt-components  
./configure -symbian  

Whend you complete all the previous operations, you'll have two directories inside qt-components/imports, please copy them inside the QtQNX installation directory:

cp -R imports/Qt \~/QtQNX/ARM/imports/  
cp -R imports/com \~/QtQNX/ARM/imports/

That's all for now. In the next posts I'll show you how to use these components, providing a small code example. In the mean time you can find more informations hereĀ