Fundraising for CuteSoma ( mobile client) development

Developing CuteSoma and maintaining it for three different platforms (Nokia N9, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10) is really taking me a lot of time. I’ve many features in mind to add but I can’t dedicate much spare time to them and to do it I should take time from other paid projects. I’ve also discarded the idea to make CuteSoma a paid app, because it’s been always free (except the Windows Phone one that was non-free for just a month, but only 6 people “SIX” bought the app).

So I decided to open a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo that is a service like KickStarter, but it’s available all around the world (not just in USA and UK like Kickstarter).

What do I Need & What You Get

I would like to raise at least 5.000‚ā¨ to be able to keep maintaining the existing features and to implement new one. Developing for 3 different platforms really takes a lot of time. I also need to find a way to get a Windows Phone 8 device because at the moment I cannot test some features using just the emulator.

What the application currently does:

  • You can view the list of channels
  • You can listen any channel

Features I would like to add:

  • Scrobbling song to
  • Write a new MediaSource for Windows Phone (the default one is quite bugged and I need to implement one from scratch)
  • Port the BlackBerry10 version to the native CascadesUI

The Impact

Funding the development of CuteSoma you will make thousands of people really happy, because they will be able to listen to on their Nokia N9, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 devices. You will also make me feel apreciated for all the hours I’m spending to write the code ūüôā

Completly Opensource

Yes. CuteSoma is completly¬†opensource. I keep my source code on GitHub and BitBucket and it’s always updated. All the CuteSoma versions are released under the¬†GPL license.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you want to contribute but you can’t or you don’t want to send money, you could help me in the following ways:

1) Download and use the application:

2) Tweet/Blog about this fund raising campaign:

CuteSoma ( client) ported to BlackBerry10

During these Christmas holidays I’ve ported the N9 version of CuteSoma to BlackBerry10 platform, thanks to the BB10 Alpha device that RIM gave to me and thanks in particular to my friend Cornelius Hald that helped me with porting.

The porting itself was quite easy after all: if you have a Qt application that uses MeeGo Qt components, you have to switch to Symbian components (they’re more portable and support higher resolutions) and to do it I suggest you follow the informations on this blog post¬†

If you need more detailed informations about Symbian Qt Components, you can also read this nice blog post from Cornelius Hald

So, what’s the result of my porting? Well, first of all a couple of screenshots

IMG_00000004      IMG_00000005

And finally the source code:
The application will be published soon in the BlackBerry App World and you will have it available in time for the BlackBerry 10 launch!