CuteSoma ( client) ported to BlackBerry10

Posted on Thu 03 January 2013 in BlackBerry, Programmazione, Qt

During these Christmas holidays I've ported the N9 version of CuteSoma to BlackBerry10 platform, thanks to the BB10 Alpha device that RIM gave to me and thanks in particular to my friend Cornelius Hald that helped me with porting.

The porting itself was quite easy after all: if you have a Qt application that uses MeeGo Qt components, you have to switch to Symbian components (they're more portable and support higher resolutions) and to do it I suggest you follow the informations on this blog post

If you need more detailed informations about Symbian Qt Components, you can also read this nice blog post from Cornelius Hald

How does it look

So, what's the result of my porting? Well, first of all a couple of screenshots

IMG_00000004    IMG_00000005

Source Code

And finally the source code:
The application will be published soon in the BlackBerry App World and you will have it available in time for the BlackBerry 10 launch!