Fri 05 May 2023
Use OpenAI API to make two GPT bots talk to each other
Mon 17 April 2023
HowTo use OpenAI API for ChatGPT in Python
Fri 02 December 2022
Ignoring hosts with python vcr when writing tests with pytest and generating cassettes
Sat 29 January 2022
Using pyenv and pyenv-virtualenv to install Python and create a virtual environment on MacOS
Wed 16 December 2020
How to safely store Arduino secrets
Fri 23 October 2020
Getting started with TinyGo and WebAssembly (WASM)
Fri 16 October 2020
Set specific environment variables activating a Python virtual environment
Thu 15 October 2020
Optimise your website JavaScript loading speed with defer
Wed 14 October 2020
Improve your Pelican based website SEO by adding canonical url
Sun 11 October 2020
Python 3.9 introduces removeprefix and removesuffix
Sat 10 October 2020
Using pyenv to install Python and create a virtual environment
Mon 20 April 2020
Contact Tracing: non e' solo un problema di privacy o di sicurezza
Fri 10 April 2020
covid-api - a free and open source API service for COVID-19 data
Tue 25 February 2020
Google is moving some EU citizens data to US
Sun 24 February 2019
How to deploy a static website to Github Pages using CircleCI
Thu 21 February 2019
Skipping tests depending on the Python version
Wed 19 December 2018
Installing Python and virtualenv on MacOS
Sun 04 November 2018
Why I mentor on
Tue 16 October 2018
Using ipdb with Python 3.7.x breakpoint
Sat 14 April 2018
Machine Learning: Pima Indians Diabetes
Sat 21 October 2017
Keybase: PGP encryption made easy
Sat 30 September 2017
Configuring an offline GnuPG master key and subkeys on YubiKey
Fri 25 August 2017
Getting latest Ubuntu AMI with Terraform
Thu 17 August 2017
Creating a production ready API with Python and Django Rest Framework – part 4
Sun 02 July 2017
Migrating from WordPress to a static generated website
Sun 12 March 2017
Creating a production ready API with Python and Django Rest Framework – part 3
Sat 01 October 2016
Creating a production ready API with Python and Django Rest Framework – part 2
Wed 28 September 2016
Creating a production ready API with Python and Django Rest Framework - part 1
Tue 10 May 2016
Using Python ipdb from Jupyter
Sun 10 April 2016
How to publish a Python package to PyPI
Mon 08 February 2016
Using a light sensor with BBC micro:bit and MicroPython
Sun 07 February 2016
Prototyping BBC micro:bit projects with Kitronik breadboard kit
Tue 26 January 2016
Using BBC MicroBit accelerometer with Python
Fri 18 December 2015
Using Python PyPy in a virtual environment
Thu 10 December 2015
Getting started with BBC MicroBit and Python
Wed 09 December 2015
Fix encfs under OSX after upgrading to 10.11.2
Sun 06 December 2015
Getting a free SSL certificate from Letsencrypt and configuring it on Nginx with automatic renewal
Sun 11 October 2015
Reversing a List in Python
Sun 11 October 2015
How to configure EncFS on OSX 10.10 (Yosemite)
Mon 31 August 2015
Understanding Python decorators optimizing a recursive Fibonacci implementation
Sat 29 August 2015
Django Notes: read values from settings in a safe way
Sun 23 August 2015
How to write a custom Django Middleware
Sat 22 August 2015
Why I completely switched this website to HTTPS (and why you should do the same)
Thu 23 July 2015
Django Notes: tests, setUp method and db data
Sun 12 July 2015 + Spotify + + Python mashup: automatically create a Spotify playlist with tracks
Sun 19 April 2015
Goenv - Go Environment Manager
Mon 16 March 2015
Go: defining methods on struct types
Sat 21 February 2015
How to create a Docker image for PostgreSQL and persist data
Fri 20 February 2015
Moving away from Google Talk to a real Jabber/XMPP service
Sat 25 October 2014
Automatically pull updated Docker images and restart containers with docker-puller
Fri 12 September 2014
Create an EncFS volume compatible with BoxCryptor Classic
Tue 02 September 2014
How to configure Edimax EW-7811UN Wifi dongle on Raspbian
Tue 02 September 2014
Configuring ddclient to update your dynamic DNS at
Sun 31 August 2014
Getting started with Digital Ocean VPS: configuring DNS and Postfix for email forwarding
Sun 02 March 2014 and Continuous Integration and QA made easy
Thu 30 January 2014
Factoryboy: Creating data for unit tests in an easy way
Fri 08 November 2013
How to fix encfs installation on OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) and brew
Sat 22 June 2013
How to make subwoofer work in Ubuntu
Sat 22 June 2013
How to fix a WordPress website hacked by "zend_framework" malware
Thu 02 May 2013
How to fix pip under Debian 6.0 (squeeze): ImportError: cannot import name parser
Thu 25 April 2013
Using virtualenv to manage multiple Python/Django environments in the same machine
Tue 05 March 2013
UDS happening online only: pros and cons
Sun 24 February 2013
Using Twitter Bootstrap with Node.js, Express and Jade
Sun 10 February 2013
Fundraising for CuteSoma ( mobile client) development
Fri 08 February 2013
How to install latest stable Node.js on Ubuntu
Sun 03 February 2013
The Windows Phone Emulator wasn’t able to connect to the Windows Phone operating system: how to fix it
Thu 17 January 2013
Using QtCreator to deploy and run a Qt application to a remote Linux device
Sun 06 January 2013
Spotify 0.8.8 for Linux crashes if it cannot connect to Internet: how to fix it
Sat 05 January 2013
Using Cloud9 IDE to develop Django applications
Thu 03 January 2013
CuteSoma ( client) ported to BlackBerry10
Fri 14 December 2012
CuteSoma ( client) for Windows Phone available
Thu 13 September 2012
Leaving Finland (and Nokia), coming back to Italy!
Fri 17 August 2012
Ubuntu Release Sprint: calling for feedback!
Mon 13 August 2012
Social Connect QML plugin: access Facebook, Twitter from your Qt/QML applications
Sat 12 May 2012
Ubuntu Release Sprint: a proposal to improve Ubuntu development
Fri 27 April 2012
Ubuntu 12.04, Nvidia 8800 GS and Nouveau drivers
Fri 30 March 2012
Using QML qt-components with QtQNX for BlackBerry PlayBook
Sun 04 March 2012
Ubuntu Global Jam Italy (Pistoia): a quick review
Sun 26 February 2012
Sharing your PC monitor with your Xbox using a VGA Switcher
Tue 21 February 2012
Ubuntu: synchronizing settings among multiple computers using Ubuntu One
Sun 19 February 2012
Ubuntu Global Jam - March 3rd 2012: Pistoia (Tuscany), Italy.
Fri 03 February 2012
CuteSoma - worldwide downloads statistic for Nokia N9
Thu 12 January 2012
Nokia QtSDK installer crash on Ubuntu: how to fix it
Thu 05 January 2012
Backing up all your Flickr photos using Linux
Fri 30 December 2011
ebook: valgono la pena rispetto ai libri cartacei? L'esempio Amazon Kindle
Wed 12 October 2011
Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10 problems and regressions
Fri 30 September 2011
CuteSoma: Soma.Fm client for Nokia N9/N950 now available on OVI Store
Sat 13 August 2011
HowTo extend HTC Desire internal memory to 2Gb using CyanogenMod 7 and Data2SD
Wed 11 May 2011
UDS day-3
Wed 11 May 2011
UDS day-2
Wed 11 May 2011
UDS day-1
Wed 11 May 2011
UDS day-0
Sat 09 April 2011
Some ideas to improve Community collaboration for Ubuntu Developer Summit
Wed 06 April 2011
MeeGo Events Meeting - April 4th 2011 - Notes
Thu 11 November 2010
Utilizzare la Carta Sanitaria Europea su Ubuntu Linux
Sun 05 September 2010
MeeGo Conference 2010 / Early Bird Events
Fri 27 August 2010
Announcing my standing for the Maemo Council Q3-2010
Mon 26 July 2010
Maemo Coding Competition: voting open!
Fri 16 July 2010
Announcing LastGo: Maemo/MeeGo client for
Sat 03 July 2010
Announcing mSoma: Maemo/MeeGo client for SomaFM
Mon 22 February 2010
Twitter client for Maemo in Qt + Python: call for developers and UI designers
Sat 20 February 2010
Nokia N900: reboot loop after PR 1.1.1 upgrade is not a firmware bug
Wed 17 February 2010
Nokia N900: some problems with latest PR 1.1.1 firmware
Tue 16 February 2010
Maemo 6 (Harmattan) UI Screenshots
Sat 13 February 2010
Fon: how long are you going to play tricks on users?
Thu 12 November 2009
Questions/Answers about Nokia N900 and Discounted Device Program
Tue 03 November 2009
UX meets Code hackfest in December @ Barcelona: confirmed!
Thu 03 September 2009
Giving Lightning Talks
Thu 13 August 2009
Writing Python bindings of existing C libraries – (3) – Building and Installing with distutils
Mon 10 August 2009
PyMaemo (Python for Maemo) second beta release for Fremantle
Sat 08 August 2009
Making Maemo email client usable with GMail
Thu 06 August 2009
Writing Python bindings of existing C libraries – (2) – A simple example of binding
Wed 05 August 2009
MAFW and Python: asking for developers feedback
Mon 03 August 2009
Writing Python bindings of existing C libraries - (1) - Introduction
Sat 25 July 2009
I officially joined the PyMaemo team
Wed 22 July 2009
Registration to Maemo Summit 2009 open!
Sun 05 July 2009
Ridimensionare immagini automaticamente con un batch e ImageMagick
Wed 24 June 2009
Risolvere il crash all'avvio di Songbird su Ubuntu
Mon 11 May 2009 the money music revolution!
Tue 05 May 2009
Come passare dalla modalità enduser alla modalità developer su Fonera 2
Sun 26 April 2009
Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) su Asus EeePC 901
Thu 02 April 2009
PyngFM: Python implementation of API
Sun 29 March 2009
Dropbox: 2Gb di disco online che si integrano con Windows, OSX e Linux
Sat 28 February 2009
Announcing my standing for the Maemo Council
Tue 24 February 2009
Develop a GPS-aware application for the Nokia N810
Sun 22 February 2009
Convertire i file WMA in MP3 sotto Linux
Sat 14 February 2009
Evitare che Wordpress modifichi il codice da copia-incollare
Sat 14 February 2009
Importare le chiavi pubbliche PGP in apt su Ubuntu
Wed 11 February 2009
Maemo on Google Summer of Code 2009
Sat 07 February 2009
Nuove versioni di Skype per Linux: qualcosa si muove
Wed 04 February 2009
Google Latitude: scopri dove sono i tuoi amici in tempo reale!
Mon 02 February 2009
Ubuntu Linux 8.10 su Asus EeePC 901
Wed 17 December 2008
Scanner Mustek ScanExpress 1248 USB su Ubuntu Linux
Wed 17 December 2008
OS 2008 update for Nokia N810: 5.2008.43 released
Sat 06 December 2008
Android e Developer Device Program: come al solito l'Italia è di serie B
Tue 25 November 2008
Utilizzare webcam V4L2 con Flash su Linux
Mon 17 November 2008
What I expect in the future of Maemo Development
Fri 07 November 2008
Ubuntu 8.10: novità, problemi e soluzioni
Fri 31 October 2008
Qt Creator: disponibile la preview release dell'IDE per Qt/C++ di Trolltech
Wed 29 October 2008
Mini antenna parabolica per potenziare il segnale dei router wireless
Tue 28 October 2008
Install Fest Ubuntu Linux 8.10 a Pistoia
Mon 27 October 2008
24 ore di lezioni no-stop all'Università di Firenze
Mon 27 October 2008
LinuxDay 2008 a Pistoia: un successo strepitoso!
Sun 19 October 2008
Il Presidente della Repubblica Napolitano esprime il proprio apprezzamento per il LinuxDay
Sat 18 October 2008
Trusted Computing: perchè fidarsi di chi non si fida di noi?
Thu 16 October 2008
Creare mappe personalizzate e condivise con Google Maps
Fri 10 October 2008
LinuxDay 2008 a Pistoia
Thu 09 October 2008
Dieci buoni motivi per non utilizzare PHP
Sun 05 October 2008
Installazione e configurazione di Ubuntu Eee 8.04.1 su Asus EeePC 901
Sat 04 October 2008
Come aggiornare il BIOS dell'Asus EeePC
Wed 01 October 2008
ControlEee - Control panel for EeePC
Thu 25 September 2008
Ubuntu 8.04 in RAID1 non può fare il boot con un solo disco
Wed 24 September 2008
Un bug del Kernel Linux 2.6.27 potrebbe danneggiare le schede ethernet con driver e1000e
Wed 24 September 2008
Apple vieta agli sviluppatori di lamentarsi pubblicamente per App Store
Tue 23 September 2008
Scollegate i carica batterie quando non li usate!
Sun 21 September 2008
Maemo Summit (Berlino) - giorno 2
Sat 20 September 2008
Maemo Summit (Berlino) - giorno 1
Wed 17 September 2008
Maemo Summit sto arrivando!
Mon 08 September 2008
Vorreste che il vostro LUG fosse integrato nell'Help di Ubuntu?
Sun 31 August 2008
Mozilla Fennec on Nokia N800/810
Sat 30 August 2008
Full Circle Magazine #16 disponibile per il download
Mon 18 August 2008
Installare il plugin Flash 9.0r48 sui Nokia Internet Tablet (OS2008)
Wed 13 August 2008
Os 2008 4.2008.30 available OTA
Sat 09 August 2008
Crepes HowTo: come preparare le crepes alla Nutella!
Tue 05 August 2008
Quali sono i comandi bash che usate di piu'?
Fri 01 August 2008
Viaggiate negli USA? Possono sequestrarvi il PC, senza motivo
Thu 10 July 2008
Utilizzare le annotazioni standard in Java
Wed 02 July 2008
Android su Nokia N810
Fri 27 June 2008
A-GPS per Nokia N810
Mon 23 June 2008
Aggiornamento del sito a WordPress 2.5.1
Thu 05 June 2008
Creative Live Cam Notebook su Ubuntu Linux
Thu 05 June 2008
Agile Web Development with Rails: imparare Rails 2.x
Mon 26 May 2008
Applicazioni Ruby On Rails che non utilizzano database
Wed 21 May 2008
Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 con supporto OpenOffice (ODF) e PDF
Tue 13 May 2008
MSN e la censura delle conversazioni
Sun 11 May 2008
Skype SMS su Linux: grazie a Skype4Py si puo'!
Sat 10 May 2008
Slides del talk su PyMaemo al PyCon Due
Fri 09 May 2008
Inizia il PyCon: Richard Stallman oggi a Palazzo Vecchio (Firenze) ore 16:00
Thu 08 May 2008
Installare le Qt 4.4.0 su Ubuntu Linux 8.04
Wed 07 May 2008
Come ascoltare Radio Deejay su Ubuntu Linux con Rhythmbox
Tue 29 April 2008
I problemi della nuova Ubuntu Hardy 8.04
Tue 22 April 2008
Diventa un Ubuntero!
Mon 21 April 2008
Scratchbox on Ubuntu Hardy troubleshooting
Thu 17 April 2008
Installing Maemo SDK 4 HowTo Updated
Tue 15 April 2008
Using GtkIconView in Python: a small tutorial
Wed 09 April 2008
PyMaemo Talk on May 10th in Florence at PyCon2 Conference
Sun 06 April 2008
PyCon2: conferenza italiana dedicata al linguaggio Python
Wed 26 March 2008
Il costo di un computer senza Windows Vista
Sat 08 March 2008
Conferenza OLPC a Firenze con Nicholas Negroponte: la recensione
Thu 06 March 2008
Maps for Nokia OS2008
Fri 29 February 2008
Utilizzare SSH senza password: chiavi SSH
Fri 29 February 2008
Full Circle Magazine #10
Wed 27 February 2008
OLPC a Firenze il 7 marzo con Nicholas Negroponte
Tue 26 February 2008
Eclipse plugins for Maemo Development
Fri 15 February 2008
APC Back-UPS 500 USB e Ubuntu Server
Thu 14 February 2008
Android: rilasciata la m5-rc14 dell'SDK
Wed 06 February 2008
Rilasciato WordPress 2.3.3: corretta una grave falla di sicurezza
Tue 05 February 2008
MySQL: quando si deve pagare la licenza?
Sun 03 February 2008
Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 4
Fri 01 February 2008
Utilizzare WordPress da remoto grazie a XML-RPC
Fri 01 February 2008
Rimborso Windows: come ottenerlo e perche'
Fri 01 February 2008
First post from MaemoWordpy using N810
Wed 30 January 2008
Il crivello di Eratostene
Wed 30 January 2008
Wordpress e le localizzazioni in altre lingue
Mon 17 December 2007
wxGTK working on Maemo
Fri 14 December 2007
Nokia N810 available in Italy!
Thu 13 December 2007
Lower price for N800 in Italy...maybe N810 coming closer?!
Mon 10 December 2007
Skype on N770 (using Os2007 HE)
Tue 20 November 2007
Alternative way to generate .deb packages for Maemo
Fri 16 November 2007
The UNOFFICIAL way to get Os2008 into Nokia N800
Fri 16 November 2007
Installing qemu-arm-eabi patch into Scratchbox
Sun 11 November 2007
Upgrading Maemo SDK 4 Beta to Maemo SDK 4 final release
Thu 25 October 2007
Spim - MIPS Emulator for N770
Thu 25 October 2007
Installing Maemo SDK 4 Beta