Fix encfs under OSX after upgrading to 10.11.2

After having upgraded OSX to 10.11.2 on my MacBook, I noticed that my encfs volume didn't mount after reboot. I tried to run the script manually and all I got was this error:

``` {.lang:default .decode:true} dyld: Symbol not found: __ZN5boost7archive17xml_iarchive_implINS0_12xml_iarchiveEE13load_overrideERNS0_15class_name_typeEi Referenced from: /usr/local/Cellar/encfs/1.8.1/lib/libencfs.6.dylib Expected in: /usr/local/lib/libboost_serialization-mt.dylib in /usr/local/Cellar/encfs/1.8.1/lib/libencfs.6.dylib

I quickly found that was a common problem caused by a new version of
**Boost** being
installed: <>

To fix it, you just need to **reinstall encfs** using this command

``` {.lang:default .decode:true}
brew reinstall -s encfs

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