Django Notes: read values from settings in a safe way

Working on Django projects I find very often that many developers access the values that are defined in settings in this way

``` {.lang:python .decode:true} from django.conf import settings

my_value = settings.MY_SETTING

What happens if **MY\_SETTING** has not been defined in ****?
The code will raise an error and crash, of course. How can we make the
code more reliable? We could *try/except* the code block that tries to
read the value and maybe set a value if we get an exception, but this
would not be a clean way to do this job.

A cleaner way to do it is to use **getattr** in this way:

``` {.lang:python .decode:true}
from django.conf import settings

my_value = getattr(settings, 'MY_SETTING', 'my-default-value')

getattr will try to read MY_SETTING value from, if the value doesn't exist my_value will be assigned with my-default-value.

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