Nokia QtSDK installer crash on Ubuntu: how to fix it

If you try to install Nokia QtSDK on Ubuntu using the Nokia installer (that provides a newer version than the one distributed in Ubuntu Software Center) you could get an error like this:

( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed

to fix it, you need to run the installer with a specific parameter:

[email protected]:~/Downloads/Qt$ ./ -style cleanlooks

and everything should work!

Backing up all your Flickr photos using Linux

I’ve been a Flickr pro user for 4 years, but the pro account costs 24,95$/year and I was looking for something cheaper. Anyway I was thinking that after all, even if I don’t renew my account, I can always access to all my pictures…. wrong! If you don’t renew your pro Flickr account you can only access to the low resolution version of your own pictures. That’s not acceptable for me, so I decided to download all my pictures and upload them somewhere else. Here comes the second disappointment: there is no automatic way to download all your pictures.

I simply had no time to write an application by myself, so I started searching on Google to see if there was something available to do this simple task. At the beginning I only found abandoned tools (closed source, the API was expired ecc…), paid tools, Windows only tools ecc… but finally I found this postĀ

There is a Python script that automatically downloads all your Flickr pictures getting the highest resolution available, you can download the script from hereĀ

The usage is very simple

mkdir FlickrBackupFolder
python FlickrBackupFolder

A browser’s window will be opened and you’ll be prompted for authorization. After that, all you pictures will be downloaded.