Mozilla Fennec on Nokia N800/810

Fennec is a particular version of Mozilla, designed for handled devices and internet tablets. With the latest development version, stability has been improved, but the application is still a bit slow and “memory hungry”. Speed an memory improvements are scheduled for the next release (Alpha1 – September 9, 2008).

Latest available version, Fennec M7, has the following improvements:

  • Initial Add-on Manager support has landed. Tap “+” button in the sidebar to display the Add-on Manager. Use it to install, view and remove add-ons. Use the application menu button to dismiss the panel. Clicking on an add-on XPI in a webpage will also display the manager. The current UX design is not final.
  • The top URL bar has been changed to work as designed: The bar will scroll into view at the top of the web content or will float over content otherwise.
  • Support for kinetic scrolling has been added to the web content.
  • Support for non-modal Password Manager UI was added.
  • Some tabbed browsing fixes.
  • Some zooming fixes.
  • Some stability fixes.

To install it on your tablet, you’ve to configure Application Manager with the following parameters:

If you’re not sure or if you want further instructions about installing Fennec, you can find a step by step guide on Mozilla website.

Note: M7 supports the Maemo chinook & diablo distributions.

Full Circle Magazine #16 disponibile per il download

E’ uscito il numero 16 di Full Circle Magazine, la rivista gratuita dedicata ad Ubuntu Linux.

In questo numero troverete:

  • Command and Conquer – Creating And Moving Files.
  • How-To: Create Your Own Ubuntu, Create Your Own Server Part 8, Using GIMP Part 5 and GNOME-Look Guide.
  • My Story – Out With The New, In With The Old
  • My Opinion – GNOME And KDE Themes
  • MOTU Interview – Jamie Strandboge
  • Top 5 – Twitter Clients

Potete scaricare la rivista (per adesso in inglese ma nelle prossime settimane sarà disponibile anche la traduzione in italiano) da questo indirizzo:

Installare il plugin Flash 9.0r48 sui Nokia Internet Tablet (OS2008)

FlashI Nokia Internet Tablet (N800/N810) che hanno l’ultimissimo firmware OS2008 (diablo release), non comprendono purtroppo un plugin Flash molto aggiornato. La versione 9.0r31 fornita con l’OS2008 risulta purtroppo un po’ obsoleta per alcuni siti web (come ad esempio Facebook).

Grazie alla community di è stata creata una patch che permette di installare la versione 9.0r48 in modo molto semplice. E’ sufficiente installare il seguente pacchetto sul proprio tablet:


Os 2008 4.2008.30 available OTA

A new update for Nokia Os 2008 is available for Nokia N810 (and I suppose N800 too).

All you have to do is connect to Internet, refresh package list and install the updates.

The main application that have been updated are Mail client and web browser. Map application has been updated too.

The total size to download is about 19 Mb and for the first time, no re-flash is required to update N810 firmware. At the end of the installation you’re only required to restart the device.

N.B: be sure to have at least 19Mb free on the device, else the upgrade will fail.

Crepes HowTo: come preparare le crepes alla Nutella!

Chi l’ha detto che all’interno di un LUG vengono realizzati soltanto guide e howto tecnici? Anche i pinguini dovranno pur mangiare, non trovate?

Grazie alla nostra pinguina Laura, il PtLUG è lieto di presentarvi il “Crepes HowTo“, una video-guida che spiega come preparare le crepes alla Nutella!

Gustatevi il video… e le crepes!