Maps for Nokia OS2008

Posted on Thu 06 March 2008 in HowTo, Linux, Maemo (EN)

I report this news from Andrew Jorgensen (Monologue):

The Map application for Nokia’s OS2008 (for N800 and N810) lets you download map data for a number of regions. The USA-West and USA-East regions are very large, though, and I have never been able to download them — it always fails about half way through. I know others have dealt with the same problem.

This morning I got a reply from Wayfinder Customer Support:

Dear Sir,
Thank you for contacting Wayfinder.

If the map download fails through the Internet Tablet, you can download the maps from this address:

Best regards,
Customer Support

Instructions for installing the map data are on that site. It’s still a slow download but at least you can use a download manager.