CuteSoma – worldwide downloads statistic for Nokia N9

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CuteSoma ( client for Nokia N9) has been available for 4 months now and it's the right time to publish some interesting statistics about downloads. First of all I didn't expect so much interest and I wasn't sure to have so many downloads, due to the fact that Nokia never advertised this device properly. But luckly lot of people don't care about advertising and buy a product anyway if they know it's one of the best available on the smartphone market.

I'm really happy to notice that the number of downloads is growing each month, this motivates me to continue with development (well... when my N950 comes back from Nokia, since I had to send it because it was broken).

I want to thank all the 3658 people that downloaded CuteSoma until now and all the people that are sending me their feedback, ideas and patches (yes Cornelius Hald, I'm talking about you :D ) you're giving me a big opportunity to learn C++/Qt/QML.

5 Responses to “CuteSoma – worldwide downloads statistic for Nokia N9”

  1. emmgra83 Says:

    Great Work !
    After QtDay will complete my teletext QML :)

  2. thp Says:

    Nice, congrats! :) Did you create that chart manually or is there a way to pull these charts from Ovi Publish or somewhere directly?

  3. Andrea Grandi Says:

    @thp I took the data from manually then I created a chart using Google Docs and saved the image :)

  4. William Says:

    Hi Andrea, I also developed an app for Harmattan. Do you know if the Nokia Store number contains new download only or it includes updates as well?

  5. JustMe Says:

    The info about Cutesoma for N9 has been added to N9 in wikipedia, cool work, more please! How about to mention “MeeGo/TIZEN” on site ? Would be great. :)

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