CuteSoma: Soma.Fm client for Nokia N9/N950 now available on OVI Store

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CuteSoma is a client of Soma.Fm streaming radio that I wrote using Qt/QML for Nokia N9 and Nokia N950. Previously it was available as a .deb only, now you can install it directly from the OVI Store. It's only a 0.1 version and even if it's quite stable it may contains some bugs: please report me any bug so I can try to fix them as soon as possible.

CuteSoma is opensource and released under the GPL v.3 license. You can find the complete source code here:

There is a poll available to let the final users choose the new icon for this application, you can find it here:
I asked for help to design a new icon and I received two, so I'm letting the final users choose which one they like most.

To get this application you need to search "cutesoma" on OVI Store client or visit this link

Please remember that CuteSoma is free, but if you want you can make me a donation or offer me a beer using the "Donazione" button on the right column.

2 Responses to “CuteSoma: Soma.Fm client for Nokia N9/N950 now available on OVI Store”

  1. foo Says:

    Your package fails to build after git clone:

    $ qmake
    RCC: Error in ‘res.qrc’: Cannot find file ‘CuteSoma_180x180.png’

    Can you also make the com.meego Qml thing optional? It would be nice to use it on non-Harmattan devices too.

  2. Andrea Grandi Says:

    You’re right! I simply forgot to commit changes on Git, sorry :)
    I’ll do it as soon as possible.

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