HowTo extend HTC Desire internal memory to 2Gb using CyanogenMod 7 and Data2SD


Even if it’s not a new model, the HTC Desire is still a very good Android device, thanks to its 1Ghz CPU and 512 Mb RAM, but one of the biggest problems of this phone is that it comes with only 148Mb available in the ROM. Once the operating system is installed (ROM I mean), after installing few useful applications you’ll end the available space very soon. There are many apps available, like App2SD that move your applications to the SD card, but it’s not enough because only the application is moved, not the data. To move the data to the SD card, there is a very nice utility called Data2SD. Please note that this procedure requires you to reflash your device and partition your SD card, so please do a complete backup before proceding.

What you need


Backup your data

Before following these instructions, please do a complete backup of your microSD, of your original ROM (using Nandroid or similar) ecc…

Prepare the microSD card

  • Open GParted on your Ubuntu Linux or use the GParted Live CD/USB.
  • Delete all partitions on this microSD
  • Create the first one using FAT32 filesystem, leaving 2Gb (2047Mb) available at the end.
  • Create a second partition using ext4 filesystem.
  • Confirm your changes
  • Copy CyanogenMod7 rom, Data2SD installers and Google Apps on FAT32 partition

CyanogenMod 7 installation

  • Reboot your phone into Recovery (turn it off then press volume down + power)
  • WIPE all data (userdata, cache ecc…)
  • Choose “Install from SD card” and select CyanogenMod7 installation zip
  • when finished reboot your phone
  • Enter your Wifi settings, language ecc…. DO NOT enter your Google account settings.
  • reboot your phone

Data2SD installation

  • Boot into Recovery again
  • Choose “Install from SD card” and select (please note, you may have to turn off the signature verification in Other->Turn off ecc…)
  • when finished reboot your phone
  • now you should see 1,97Gb if you go in Settings->Storage->Internal Storage->Total space

Google Apps installation

  • Reboot your phone into Recovery
  • Choose “Install from SD card” and select the Google Apps zip file
  • reboot your phone


You now have 1,97Gb total space available instead of 148Mb. Enjoy your HTC Desire!

Update Aug 1, 2012: since December 2011 I don’t have an HTC Desire anymore. These informations could be still valid but in any other case I don’t have the possibility to help you more.

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  1. Matteo Mattei:

    Great! When I decide to root my Desire I will try it and I’ll let you know ;-)

  2. hans:

    why do i have to download this ?
    its not mentioned in the guide

  3. hans:

    sorry… saw this now

    Copy CyanogenMod7 rom, Data2SD installers

  4. Andrea Grandi:

    @hans: sorry it was my mistake… you have to use the first time and use the other one if you reflash the ROM.

  5. Gabby:

    You say: “a rooted HTC Desire (you need to have a rooted phone with a recovery already installed)”
    What can i use to “root my phone with a recovery”? Thanks

  6. Andrea Grandi:

    it depends on your phone. To root an HTC Desire, for example, you can follow the instructions available on CyanogenMod Wiki.

  7. DD:

    Hey, thanks for this guide. I tried it out and my Desire was extremely slow afterwards. I have had to restore my nandroid backup. I was running CM7 RC1 and my SD was already partitioned to 30 (fat32) – 2 gb (ext4). I have a class 4 32 gb card. I repeated the procedure this time clearing dalvik cache as well but the same result. Any hints?

  8. sushil:

    cyanogenmod alone can allow the installation of data into sd card…..there is a nice sense rom out there does it with that too…

  9. ksthij:

    i have got a new rom htc sense 3.0 with 2.3.5 ROM….but the main problem i am facing is it is occupying all of my internal memory…and i am not able to install other application…does this way helps what i am facing….

  10. darren mc mahon:

    will this work for any rom to gain memory—and thanks

  11. Chris:

    Great article Andrea. Your steps work great for the CyanogenMod 7 ROM, however when I tried it with the Oxygen ROM, the phone got stuck on the splash screen after I installed the Data2SD (before that the Oxygen ROM was working well). Any ideas or what I could have done wrong?


  12. Andrea Grandi:

    I’ve never used Oxygen ROM, so I’ve no idea sorry…

  13. Jacopo Cappelli:

    Ottimo ottimo :)

  14. Michal:

    Hi, this is really great, thx a lot for it. I am just wondering – how can I access that 2GB volume, either from phone or PC. In phone browser (Astro), i can not see it and in PC only 30GB FAT volume is mounted.

  15. Jack:


    I just finished following this guide. My internal memory is indeed 1.8GB now. I’m installing my apps now and everything seems to be running great! Thanks Andrea, this guide is greatly appreciated.

  16. Andrea Grandi:

    @Michal: you cannot access those 2Gb, it’s where the /data is mounted to. That partition is ext2 formatted, while remaining space is FAT32.

  17. mihail:

    hi. i would like to do this procedure as well.
    the first step is to open GParted on ubuntu linux. but i am using windows 7. can i do this procedure on win7? what steps are different from the ones above and how?

  18. Giovanni Lenzi:

    To Chris and Andrea:
    I’ve found that the mentioned problem shows only after reflashing.. neither or works correctly after reflash.

    The only way to always get the system booting up from sd is:
    1.wipe data and cache from internal memory
    2. install from zip cyanogenmod or oxygen or other distribution…
    3. from a pc, be sure to delete any file in the sd card installed by previous distribution(cyanogen or oxygen or others) installations (don’t delete zipped files like Data2SD or or
    4. insert sd into device and in recovery mode install (the system will boot up correctly from sd now, without getting stuck on the splash screen)
    5. reboot and install google apps

  19. Htc Desire - Page 570 -

    [...] [...]

  20. Melroy van den Berg:

    Thanks in advance! I works perfectly using HTC Desire + Cyanogenmod 7.1.0 Thanks again!

    I’m really happy :) Finally more than ** 148MB internal storage ><

  21. Thierry:

    I seem to have the same problem as mentioned before, stuck on the flashscreen, I tried to follow the steps of Giovanni Lenzi but still no luck.

    Working with CM7.1.0 / CWM on a HTC Desire bravo.

    atm I even seem to look at a crash of the D2SD script.
    Any help would be appreciated.


  22. MrD:

    Works like a charm! This way my phone can be with me for the next couple of months maybe year(s) for sure!

  23. Assad:

    hey dear htc desire link is disabled on CyanogenMod Wiki website

  24. Assad:

    can i do it by myself or should i go to any xpert and tell me in all this process of gaining xtra space is there any harm for phone means can it be dead during the process

  25. dase:

    All the previous comments about not working or slow working after installing related to created partitions on your SD card. They have to be PRIMARY! That will solve all your issues. Definitely will work on HTC Desire

  26. Melroy van den berg:

    Well, it still works. However I should place a note here. The speed of my phone in global is drastically reduced. I guess my phone is 80% slower than before, I even got a SDHC class 6, but that seems to have no effect at all.

    My plan is to use CyanogenMod’s extnal memory feature. By installing App2SD.

  27. luc:

    Hey this sounds great but have cm7 allready installed, if i do this, do i need to re-install everything??

  28. Please help a noob root a T-Mobile branded HTD Desire 2.2.2 - Android Forums:

    [...] it worked fine. I used AmonRa and now I got CM7 running on my phone with 2 GB space for apps (I followed this guide) So thanks for everything, guys. Your help is much appreciated. One quick note: I used this [...]

  29. Neil Mercer:

    Worked for me! I was about to upgrade to a new phone from my HTC desire because I was getting so fed up with having to constantly clear memory and uninstall apps, but this has fixed the only real problem I have with my phone. I set it to 1gb rather than 2, which seems plenty and works fine. I’ve looked at rooting and installing custom ROMs before, but always found it pretty confusing – this is actually the simplest guide to it I’ve found. Thanks!

  30. lorenzo:

    sorry, but it will work also if my desire isn’t s-off?

  31. Andrea Grandi:

    No, you need to root it.

  32. lorenzo:

    can i ask you something in italian?

  33. lorenzo:

    now i’ve got an ics4 sandvolv rom, my phone is rooted but not s-off, can i use your guide?

  34. Daniele:

    Hi! It has been a long and pailful process, but at the end I managed. I would like to say “grazie” to Andrea and to all the other people that published on forums and helped me got my phone rooted with the right image at the very end.

  35. Andrea Grandi:

    You’re welcome guys :)
    Just a note: I don’t have HTC Desire anymore, so I cannot give further help about this, sorry :\

  36. Andrea Grandi:

    My guide has been tested with CM7 only, I cannot know if it will work even with another ROM I never tested, sorry :(

  37. Neil Mercer:

    Another tip, since following Andrea’s guide, I since found another ROM called Supernova that is basically normal HTC gingerbread with data2SD built in. This uses an updated version of data2SD which should be more stable. The phone looks and acts pretty much like normal, apart from a couple of small improvements. You don’t need to install the google apps either, they’re built into the ROM.

    I’ve installed it today, and so far, so good. It’s nice to have Sense because I really like the way it integrates your facebook contact photos and stuff. cyanogenmod does have a few more bells and whistles though, so I supposed it depends on your preference.

  38. Bdrone:

    First of all, thank you Andrea for your helpful post!

    BTW: There is no problem with CM7.2rc1 and data2sd at my HTC Desire GSM.

    But there are Problems with my favorite ICS ROM for the Desire, the BCM RC3.1 Update 0 (Bravo Cyanogenmod9)[1]

    With this one data2sd won’t work, neither will your Desire start properly anymore. It uses the Aroma Installer[2], where you can preconfigure the Mounts2SD[3].
    But after flashing and configuring more than half a day, it still won’t work. I would have a working solution for ICS, but until then, I’ll have to feel comfortable with CM7.2rc1.

    There are other, probably good working ROMs: ICS for Desire v.0.5.3[4] and AOKP for Bravo[5]. Try, it and report.


  39. dude:

    man , this is great!! ( htc desire )

  40. Waqas Sukhera:

    Bundle of thanx indra.. i use ur method and surprisingly it works.. now i have 1.9GB internal memory..
    can i increase more?

  41. MGA:

    Hey thanks. For the instructions I did it with cm7 with no problem. But now I have insert coin rom. Will it work on insert coin aswell ?

  42. Carb:

    Works great on Cyanogenmod 7.2.0 RC1 too. I don’t notice any speed difference :). Thank you for the instructions!

  43. Carb:

    Ignore my message from yesterday. CM 7.2.0 RC1 doesn’t work great, extremely buggy: multiple apps were crashing all the time. Gone back to CM 7.0.3 and now it works without crashing and 2 gb internal memory :)

  44. J:

    Hi guys!
    Thak you for this! I will now try it. But I get stuck on Back up your data. I look at nandroids website… and busybox and adbd and dev spl bootloader?? JesusFreke and symlinks? Thats where I get stuck. Do I have it? Do I need it? Is there program enough?
    Maybe I am way over my head here.. It seemed easy at first. Any help welcome!

  45. Didi:

    Dear Andrea,

    thank you very much for this.
    For me it was the easiest way to install data2sd on my Desire.

  46. Elena:

    What happens when I turn on USB Storage after all these are done? Would the phone disconnect the 2GB that had been assigned as phone memory?

  47. Postie:

    Thank you very much for these steps, now got a lot more of memory to fill on my desire. Already changed to Cyanogenmod but was still confronted with the memory issue. Problem solved, for now, until I run out of the 2gb ;)

    Installed on a class 10 memory card, it worked.

  48. Kinkyboots:

    I followed your instructions re extending internal memory but it has not worked. I installed the ROM (Darky) as CyanegenMod always came up with a installation error even downloaded different zips to try. Had confirmation of installation of Data 2SD But went into phone info and internal storage is still 136mb. What have I done wrong?
    Also, I can not access wifi. when I turn on wifi it come up with Error.

  49. harsu:

    It works well. I got 2GB internal memory. Thanks a lot for the thorough explanation.

    For those need help on installing CM7, look here:

  50. meitham:

    thank you for the clear and verbose instructions. However the phone has became too slow to be practically used. Any hint on why this might be and how to speed it up?

  51. mitches:

    Hi All,
    Anyone can help me. I have HTC desire with Android 2.2.2 version. I have rooted my phone and tried to install from sd card the programs as instructed but couldn’t do. I have option only – apply not install from sdcard. Once I click on that I got the error message failed to open, signature verification failed installation aborted. I cannot choose any programs. Anyone has any solution for my problem?
    Thank in advance!

  52. Peter:

    Just wanted to say thank you for these clear instructions… Just unfortunate that I had to re-configure my complete phone (shortcuts, tweaks, app settings, …)

  53. Carlos:

    Hey thank you, nice guide, it’s wonderful how smooth is running now my cellphone.

  54. KalvinOne:

    Confirmed working on CM7. never seen so many space in my phone!

    Thank you a lot!

  55. Nirmal:

    Great article! By the way, I’m using HTC Desire with Sandvold ICS 4.0.4. Could you please help me in extending the internal memory of my phone? Will a2sd work with Sandvold ROM?

    Thanks in advance ! :)

  56. Nirmal:

    Also, the links for installing and are not working. Could you please give an alternate one?

    Thanks again !! :)

  57. kaye:

    Hi there.. can someone help me pls..
    i bought an 8gb micro sd card tried it on my desire but it wont work.. keeps on goin to loops stuck on the start up and wont go thru. :(
    i prettymuch tried everything.. reset/clear cache/dalvik cache to no avail.. pls help me.. :(


    This is a great guide. I didn’t use gparted though. After installing cyanogen mod I used ROM manager (within the menu) and formatted the sdcard from there, choosing a memory size of 512 (enough for me) and a swap of 0.

  59. Colin C Cook:

    Thanks for the guide, it served as a great pointer to what I needed to do.

    The only microSD reader I had was my girlfriend’s laptop having a SD card slot (so I used a microSD/SD adapter). Sadly it wasn’t recognised in Ubuntu so I couldn’t use GParted.

    I did however come across a Windows-based paritioner called “MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition”. I was able to create a 14gig FAT32 partition and 2gig EXT4 partition from Windows, great!

    If you do use the suggested app (and this may apply to GParted too), make sure BOTH PARTITONS are set to “Primary” on the “Create as” option when creating them. By default, MPWH selects this as logical. As a result, when the card was put into the phone, neither partition registered.

    Previously I believed only one partition on a drive should be set to “Primary” and all others “Logical” so on attempt #2, my FAT32 and EXT4 partitions were primary and logical respectively. But no, phone did not detect EXT4 partition. Attempt #3, set BOTH partitions to Primary, and everything was detected fine!

    I also want to note that CyanogenMod 7.2 works absolutely fine with the Data2SD script. Once again, thanks for the original post (it seems to come up quite early in Google searches so I thought I’d write my full findings here). It really has given my Desire a new lease of life!!

  60. Søren I.Christensen Denmark:

    I had install it as you said, get my 1.97 GB intern memory,all the programs works.
    But Google don,t it says server problem and I can’t use my password, and it stocks and freeze all the time. Do you have a solution???

  61. MM:

    Hi, thanks for the guide. I see Andrea is not using a Desire anymore but was wondering can anyone else help. The guide worked great and everything looks good except for the speed.
    Things are so slow that most apps time out and I get the choice to “wait” or “force close”.
    Anyone with any ideas?
    I have the Rom Toolbox that allows me to increase the SD speed but it makes no difference.

  62. MM:

    So I have a bit of an update.

    I rebuilt again with Cyanogenmod 7.2. Works fine. I didn’t restore from my Titanium Backup this time (I think this may have caused issues for me the first time around since I restored apps+data). Seems to work a bit better but with the Rom Toolbox SD Card setting set to the highest value (4096) I have a working phone again with loads of memory. There is still a delay now and again but other than that it works good.

    Hope it helps.

  63. watdav:

    This works well and it is great to have so much internal memory. This only issue I have had is trying to connect using bluetooth. BT finds my device (external speaker) and says it has paired – but it won’t connect. Anyone had similar problems?

  64. Johnnyman:

    Thank you a lot.
    I followed the instructions and it was a success.
    Although I used the MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition, as mentioned in the comments. (Create FAT32 partition first !! and both partitions set as primary)
    I have HTC Desire with CaynogenMod 7.1, 16GB microSD class 6 and now i have over 2GB of ROM.
    All seems to run quite nicely and I am very satisfied with the result.
    Thank you

  65. Matt:

    Had some issues, but finally got it working. Thank you!

    Phone got stuck at HTC splash screen after installing Data2SD. It worked after upgrading ClockworkMod Recovery to latest version. May have been something else I did, but for those having that same problem try upgrading.

  66. maxblack:

    Hi thanks for this post.
    I installed a Supernova rom on a 16gb class 10 Samsung micro SD properly formatted: one parts 2gb fat32, 14gb ext4. now I have around 12gb of “available space / internal storage” and 2gb of “available space / sd&phone storage”. apparently is stable and quite fast. pretty happy for the moment :)

  67. zilijen:

    Excellent, maybe you should just mention Colin Cook’s discovery – Windows-based paritioner called “MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition”.

    Anyway thanks a lot…

  68. MM:

    Changed to a Class 10 SD card and it’s flying. Got a new phone :) Works better than ever.

  69. Sandnes Buddies:

    can we extend the memory on HTC out of the box rom (ginger bread 2.3) ?

  70. Stoposto:

    Hi, I have been wanting to do this for ages, and now finally found the courage to try it out. Found a 8gb class 4 SD that I will use.

    Now I just wonder if anyone got a fast phone with a class 4? I’ve seen a lot say it works great with 6 or 10, but what about class 4? wondering if its the class 4 who are causing the delays people are talking about?

  71. Stoposto:

    Update: I am now running cm7.2 with Data2sd. Used a Kingston 8 gb 4class with 2gb formatted to ext4. Both primary(done with windows so “MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition”)

    But after all that done and seeing about 2bg internal memory ive ran into huge lag with allmost all apps.
    I may suspect the SD is at fault.

    I’ll try a few more solutions before I go out and upgrade to the class 6 Sandisk Mobile Ultra, which people have reported to be faster at writing smaller bits than the average class 6

  72. John:

    I tried this a few weeks ago with a class 4. While the instructions worked beautifully (thanks Andrea!), the phone became *very* slow. e.g. 20/30 seconds lag between camera shots, 15/20 lag between clicking something in facebook & getting a response. However…

    Yesterday, I got a 32Gb class 10 Samsung card and repeated the procedure, upping my ext partition to 2Gb and it’s working great. Nice & responsive again – and *loads* of space for installing apps.

    Here’s the card I got:

    This is running on a HTC Desire GSM with Cyanogen

    Thanks all for your posts – very helpful :-)

  73. Eric:

    Thanks, your page is the best I have seen so far.
    It works. I battled to find data2SD and eventually downloaded from a torrent. I used a Class 10 SD 16 GiG and works well. Almost no lag even when using keyboard input programs like Slide-It.


    Where do i find it and the link it is not there..


    Please provide link for and

  76. Jon:

    Excellent. thanks

  77. Stoposto:

    Update: I got myself a class 6 Ultra sandisk and it now works like a charm, Ty for the guide and thanks to all the helping people who commented on it :)

  78. Jan:

    Thanks for posting, was really helpfull.

    However, is nowhere to be found on the web anymore, and the substitute results in freezing of my HTC desire during boot.

    So, I just skipped data2sd, and installed S2E from google market, which I use to move data to EXT partition.

  79. Sara:

    Great! I just upgraded my htc desire with your tutorial! i’ts just like I have a new phone! awesome! thanks a lot!

  80. frank:

    i have done all the steps but my htc desire locks on the boot screen and now when i remove the sd card it works fine but when i put it in the sd card it locks on the boot screen can anyone help me

  81. GM:

    I’ve just installed CM 10 on my HTC Desire using this guide:

    After installing and rebooting, I have installed Data2SDInstallerX1. But when rebooting again after installing Data2SDInstallerX1… nothing happens. The phone keeps showing the CM 10 starting animated screen for… ever.

    Any ideea?

  82. vitali:

    Used 16GB Sandisk microSD card (class 10)
    12GB – fat32, 4GB – ext4.
    Partitioned with Partition Wizard from Windows – didn’t work.
    Partitioned with GPartEd – work perfectly
    Installed CM10 Jelly Bean from
    Used ‘a2sd xdata’ script from terminal that comes with the package, now I have 4GB internal memory.

  83. Rafael:

    It works great. Fantastic change in my HTC mobile: almost 2 gb of free memory for installing new applications and working faster than ever. No delays at all. Thank you very much, you all, for the guidelines and feedback. I found the data2sd zip file at: . I used the class 10 Sandisk Ultra 16 GB. I followed the instructions and installed everything without any error or problem.

  84. Bas:

    I’m trying to have this work on my wife’s phone, but: where can I find the “”?

  85. Rushabh:

    hey there, i jus wana know will it work on other mobiles too like HTC DESIRE HD ???

  86. DaRo:

    I did perform all steps according to your manual. Now when I want to install I can see message: Canot mount SD card. I tried to re-format my SD card many times but I’ve got the same I stucked! Any help?

  87. Nawaz:


  88. Lyndon Stanley:

    Thanks man, this is awesome great work

  89. naor:

    Can any one send me a video how to prepare the micro SD card? Or better.. how to do all…

  90. JoeD:

    Installed today and worked a treat. Much simpler and easier than others I tried. Great

  91. liam:

    Hi I am going to partition my SD card using this I have the cyanogenmod 7 ROM but am wondering if this can be achieved with cyan 10 ROM as well or is it just 7?

  92. slim boy:

    hi i tried to click ur links to download datasd it gives me an error and error number is 403 :( help me plz i want to increase my internal memory of my htc desire i really love this phone dont wanna change my phone :( i even rooted my phone and installed rom manager and partitioned my sd but it still not helping me and still getting low memory notification in my status bar :(

  93. slim boy:

    Error 403!

    Forbidden! this kind of error am getting

  94. slim boy:

    i-mscp internet multi server control panel written on top of it :(

  95. slim boy:

    how to use this stupid gparted thing i cant understand :(

  96. Kev Hodgson:

    Thanks very much for this guide. I didn’t notice at first that you need to make the partitions you create as PRIMARY partitions.. rookie mistake. As soon as I realised this, it seemed to work fine..

  97. KegRaider:

    Thanks, worked a treat. My HTC Desire is now humming along with more (practical) apps and is usable again. I am using AOKP 4.2.2 (, using APP2SD with your partitioning information. Very helpful!

    Basically, after loading the rom and booting into phone, i launched the terminal application, typed in ‘su’ and acknowledged the super user for 10 minutes. Typed in ‘app2sd install’ answered yes to moving data and caches. Rebooted when asked and waited for the data to move. Thanks again!

  98. Benaloney:

    Hi Cheers for the tutorial, I got my Desire Bravo working great with a lot more apps! However I found it easier to use disk partitioning features in clowork mod’s recovery mode. I also found link2SD to be a better app than data2SD. Cheers, you made my phone a thousand times more useful!

  99. Erik:

    Thank you so much for this guide! Works like a charm!

  100. anmol:

    will it also work on MIUI ROMs n if dont what to do for MIUI ROMs?

  101. irfan:

    my htc desire hd is giving me error -110 when i install any app.plz help

  102. Cheng:


    Works like a charm – with a 16Gb class 10 Samsung card.
    Now I can keep my apps and not worry about space. I’ve installed most of the things I need/want and still have 1.28Gb free!

    I was considering a new phone just for the low memory problem. Now it looks like the Desire will serve me for another year or two at least.

    Thank you!

  103. Apa:

    I HAVE backed up my SD and (with a little help) my original ROM.
    I HAVE also formatted my SD card (class 6), downloaded the 3 packages and copied them to the FAT part of the SD. My SD card is now back in my phone, ready to go.
    Am I missing something? What about the “rooted phone” part and a “recovery already installed”??
    Am I good to go? Help plsssss….

  104. Olav:

    Thanks a lot!
    Did a lot of experiments with a lot of roms. Finally Supernova suited me best accompanied by Data2sd. However i first partitioned my 32 GB card using the clockwork mod’s recovery. 2 GB internal memory now and no need to buy a different phone. When i need more internal memory i’ll start all over again with confidence.
    Runs like a Ferrari!

  105. Olav:

    Did a lot of experiments with a lot of roms. Finally Supernova accompanied by Data2sd suited me best. However i first partioned my 32 GB card using the clockwork mod’s recovery method.2 GB internal memory now and no need to buy a different phone. I’ll start all over again with confidence if i need more. \
    Runs like a Lamborgini!

  106. Olav:

    Did a lot of experiments with a lot of roms. Finally Supernova accompanied by Data2sd suited me best. However i first partioned my 32 GB card using the clockwork mod’s recovery method. 2 GB internal memory now and no need to buy a different phone. I’ll start all over again with confidence if i need more.
    Runs like a Lamborghini!

  107. Bit Maiden:

    The Data2D links are not working!

  108. Martin:

    A really big thank you guys for your works! It’s working very well.

    But I have a question: Is it possible to allocate more than 2Go to the internal memory?


  109. Ismail:

    It won’t work for me, when I go into recovery mode, the phone is stuck with a red icon on it.

  110. Noel:

    Thank you! I was just about to buy a new phone, just because my old Desire had so little internal memory, always complaining of insufficient storage.

    Now I don’t have to buy one, it’s running great!

    More than two years after you wrote the guide, it’s still useful.

  111. Emmanuel:

    please can i do this after i have installed cyanogemod 10 which cames with jellybean os?

  112. Fahad:

    Thanks for sharing this. This article is very useful for me

  113. -8-DEAMON-8-:


    1. How slower might a HTC Desire with Cyanogenmod 7 be compared with HTC Desires original OS? Someone said 80% ? :S

    2. Is it essential to make the ext4 partition as primary to get performance? Anything else i should consider?

    3. Why just 2 GB more in internal memory? If i have a microSD 16 GB, then i can choose 8 GB on the ext4?

  114. meself:

    is this also possible with cm9?

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