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While I'm still working to mSoma with Lorenzo Bettini, I decided to start writing another application. I needed to write something from scratch to learn better how to use C++ and Qt libraries, so I decided to write a client for service. The application is still in full development, but you can already taste it if you have extras-devel repository enabled on your N900. At the moment it only supports basic radio features: tuning user's radio, playing a song, skipping a song and displaying song informations.

Other basic features like scrobbling, marking a song as loved or banned ecc.. are not supported yet, but of course they're planned for the stable release. Please not that the application is still a bit unstable even if it works for normal tasks.

If you are a subscriber and you want to test it, please install it from extras-devel repository and send me your feedback.

Note: since it's not allowed to use API from a mobile phone (due to API license restrictions) I cannot distribute a valid api key with the application. I'm writing this software mainly to learn C++ and Qt and for the future tablets and netbooks that will be based on MeeGo. If you feel to assume the responsability, you can download the api key file and import it using "Import Api Key" that you can find in the application menu.

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  1. Felipe Contreras Says:

    What do you mean it’s not allowed to use API from a mobile phone? There’s an authorization method specifically for mobiles.

    Also, would you be interested on collaborating on C library? We can have C++ bindings, sure.

  2. Andrea Grandi Says:

    @Felipe: please read this
    it clearly says: “Note: Due to licensing restrictions, you may not use the radio API on mobile telephones.

  3. Andrea Grandi Says:

    @Felipe: about the C library, I really don’t know, for two reasons: I’m not skilled in C development and I don’t have much more spare time to dedicate to other projects in this period. What are you working to exactly?

  4. viasat Says:

    Hello.First,thank you for your work,second,I’ve installed you aplication with no errors,but,it’s not starting at all,it’s closing itself after a few secons.I’ve on my N900 plain vanila pr1.2,no custom kernel only afew aplications.€an you help me please?Tnx!

  5. Andrea Grandi Says:

    it’s probably a packaging error…. I imagine that I didn’t specify to add all dependencies to .deb file (for example you could miss QtMobility packages….). I’ll investigate as soon as possible.

  6. Andrea Grandi Says:

    @viasat: I’ve uploaded a new development release in extras-devel. Try if this 0.2 works better.

  7. viasat Says:

    Hello again!Thank you for your prompt answer,now it’s ok with 0.0.2 version,it’s starting,but a litle problem:I’ve saved the api key file on my SD card,not on 32gb /mmc,and if you try to import the key from SD,you can’t,because you don’t have that option,and from mmc it’s working without problem.Tnx a lot!Best Regards.

  8. Rob Says:

    I cant get this to work, i have an N900 pr1.2, and have uninstalled the previous version and installed lastgo through the app manager, but it tries to run then bins itself back to the desktop after a few seconds, just the same as all the previous versions, am i missing something?

  9. Pinguins Móveis » Blog Archive » Pinguins de fim-de-semana Says:

    [...] Como conseguir caracteres especiais no xterm do N900, o tema NuvoFre chega ao 1.10 e surge o LastGo, cliente LastFM para Maemo/Meego. [...]

  10. aaronb27 Says:

    i need help. i installed the app but idk how to install the api key. where do i find “Import Api Key”?

  11. Andrea Grandi Says:

    Click on the application title “LastGo” and the menu will appear.

  12. Andrea Grandi Says:

    @Rob: could you please open a Terminal and execute this: /usr/bin/LastGo
    and tell me what error is printed on output?

  13. Rob Says:

    The error message is “segmentation fault”

  14. Andrea Grandi Says:

    @Rob: please update the repository and try latest version (0.2.1-3).
    Can you also tell me exactly when the application crashes? When you start it? When you press Play button? Please let me know.

  15. rob Says:

    new error message since updating to v0.2.1-3

    ~ $ /usr/bin/LastGo
    /usr/bin/ line 11: /usr/bin/LastGo: not found
    ~ $

  16. rob Says:

    sorry forgot to add that it crashes while trying to start, so far im yet to see the program start

  17. Andrea Grandi Says:

    With 0.2.1-3 version, I’ve optified it. Now you should run it in this way: /opt/LastGo
    Please try and tell me if it works.
    p.s: it should start anyway using the menu icon…

  18. Andrea Grandi Says:

    Ok, I understand the problem! :)
    It’s a very stupid bug and it happens only if you haven’t entered API key for the first time. I’ll fix it and I’ll upload a new package as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting this!

  19. Rob Says:

    Its now working, thanks :)

  20. Paul Says:

    In USA, does not require a subscription to listen, but using this app it tells me I need to subscribe…

    How does it work in Mobbler on Symbian? (they also don’t require separate API key installation, perhaps they just ignore the rules?) Maybe we can check out their code and find out…

  21. Andrea Grandi Says:

    Does Mobbler require a subscription to work? I suppose they’re just ignoring the rules, because it’s quite clear from them:

    “Any API account can only stream radio to’s paid subscribers.
    Note: Due to licensing restrictions, you may not use the radio API on mobile telephones.”

  22. Paul Says:

    Hi, you’re probably right. I found this article about Mobbler & new API rules:

    The quotes from person seems to indicate they could possibly make exceptions for specific apps.

    My wife uses Mobbler all the time and definitely does not have a paid account, so I know — at least for her — it is not following the standard published API guidelines, but maybe they have been granted permission to do so.

    Perhaps we can convince them N900 is not a mobile phone, but simply a mobile computer that happens to include a cellular radio. ;)

    Thanks for your work, I’m excited about the possiblity of this program.

  23. Fox Says:

    Thanks for this great app.
    unfortunately i get an error “the webservers api key supplied does not have permission to stream” when i try start listening my recommended radio.

  24. Andrea Grandi Says:

    That’s because you need to be a paid subscriber to listen to radio. Please read here:
    “Any API account can only stream radio to’s paid subscribers.”.
    If other clients are currently working is just because they’re using the old unsupported API that will be removed soon.

  25. Paul Says:

    Just to follow-up, you were absolutely right that Mobbler was not using the API and scraping instead.

    New versions of Mobbler now use proper API and, same as LastGo, only streams music for paying subscribers.

  26. Faz Says:

    Any plans for N9 version please?

  27. Faridee Says:

    Hi Andrea, I followed all through the repository, but I couldn’t find a .deb file in there, the link is broken, so I couldn’t install it on my MeeGo N9, could you provide a way to install it for a beginner like myself please?

    Thanks in advance.

  28. Andrea Grandi Says:

    There is no LastGo for Nokia N9. I stopped the development of this application because doesn’t want me to develop it. Sad but true.

  29. Faridee Says:

    That’s such bad news, if you ever do come around developing a .deb for N9 please let me know, I love harmattan and both!

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