Twitter client for Maemo in Qt + Python: call for developers and UI designers

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My name's Andrea Grandi, I'm italian and I'm a Maemo user/lover/contributor since the Nokia 770. I love Python as development language and few months ago I also gave some contributions to the PyMaemo project.

In these days I had the idea to start writing a Twitter client for Maemo with a precise direction in my mind. I'll try to explain all my reasons here. First of all I've to thank the author of Mauku client. I use it since its first version and I'm quite happy with it. Then, why do I want to write another one?

  1. Maemo (MeeGo) is moving to Qt and for this reason I'm going to use Qt, while Mauku uses Gtk.
  2. I'm learning Qt and what is better than writing a complete (but not too complex) application to learn better?
  3. Mauku is not free as lot of people could think. Reading the source codeyou find this "You are NOT allowed to modify or redistribute the source code.", while I want to write a client and release it under GPL2 or GPL3 license.
  4. Mauku is not updated since some months and we have no news about it.
  5. I love Python and I like to write free software in this language.
  6. I want to give to Maemo a stronger contribute.

My request for help

Before lot of people start writing their own client resulting in 4-5 twitter clients for Maemo, why don't we join our strength and work to a common project? I'm not a Python expert nor a Qt one, but I've some experience as project/team leader and since this is not a complex project, I would be glad to lead it. So, I'm looking for Python developers, Qt developers, UI designers and whoever want to contribute to this project. I still have to find a good name and logo for this application.

Who want to help me?

14 Responses to “Twitter client for Maemo in Qt + Python: call for developers and UI designers”

  1. thp Says:

    Will it support
    Are you planning to use the microfeed library?

  2. Andrea Grandi Says:

    The idea would be tu support multiple and similar feeds too (, Qaiku, ecc…). I don’t know how microfeed works… is it written in Python? Where can I find more informations?

  3. Amir B Says:

    My programing skills aren’t very good but I could contribute with UI screencasts made in Qt developper and I can test applications and report bugs.

    Let me know it you need my help!

    PS: have you checked “witter”? Its a twitter app for Maemo written fully in python! Its in the devel repo.

  4. Jon Pritchard Says:

    I don’t have an N900 yet but I hope to get its successor which will be using Qt by default so an open source Twitter client would be great. Good luck to you.

  5. Henrik Hartz Says:

    How about extending the QML twitter client? Could embed the .qml into a native app using qrc.

  6. Andrea Grandi Says:

    Does a QML Twitter client for Maemo exist? I didn’t know about it… could you give me a link where I can read more informations? Thanks.

  7. thp Says:

    Microfeed website is: (that’s Henrik Hedberg’s open source backend that he uses for Mauku)

    The library is LGPL 2.1, the providers and utilities are GPL 2:

  8. Andrea Grandi Says:

    oh, that Microfeed?! Than the reply is: no, I’m not going to use it :)
    It’s a C library and I’m going to write it in Python and don’t want to mix C code or create boring C-Python bindings ;)
    By the way… I think I’m going to join the Twcan project driven by Openbossa guys :)
    It’s Python+Qt(pyside) :)

  9. Yngve Says:

    About the naming, what about Twippy? A twitter client written in python..

  10. rtaycher Says:

    I think the Microfeed is meant to meant to be used from dbus(IPC) which has gtk qt and plain python bindings. I don’t think you are supposed to use the library directly. I’m not sure how hard this is as I’ve never used dbus.

  11. Henrik Hartz Says:

    Looks like there’s similar efforts;

    @Andrea; the Qt master-branch (which now has QML integrated) contains a twitter demo in $QTDIR/demos/declarative/

  12. Steve Muller Says:

    I’m not a developer but I’m an experienced tester, I’d be happy to test as required.

  13. tezro Says:

    I’d like to help out with the logo and UI design.

  14. Bas Heetebrij Says:

    I don’t code, but would be happy to help with translations: Dutch, English and Spanish.

    Look forward to seeing a proper twitter client for the N900!

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