Nokia N900: reboot loop after PR 1.1.1 upgrade is not a firmware bug

Few days ago I published some notes about my personal experience with PR 1.1.1 firmware upgrade in Nokia N900. In particular my device got an infinite reboot loop after upgrading the firmware and I had to flash the firmware image from scratch to fix the problem. Today I was kindly contacted by Max Waterman (I suppose he works for Nokia) and he explained me what was the problem. It was caused by a little bug in Harmattan UI demo and they fixed it (the fix is already available in extras-devel).

No surprise for me: extras-devel contains unstable packages and if user enables it, he does at his own risk. The most important thing is the fact that the official firmware without any unstable application doesn’t suffer of this problem at all. The thing that really impressed me so much (in a positive sense) it’s that I was contacted privately by a Nokia developer apologizing for the bug (no problem man, it’s part of the game if someone want to test extras-devel software) and explaining that they already fixed it.

This is what I like of Maemo (or should I already call it MeeGo?), I really feel to be a part of it!


  1. Great information and great that a guy from Nokia (potentially) contacted you about it, thanks for sharing.

    Perhaps the guy who contacted you could also explain why the Nokia has held back the latest firmware from the UK and other regions?

  2. Thanks for your comments.

    You must be a priviliged person. I was never been contacted by anybody except a certain Rob from the community who suggested to flash the eMMC (which was the only solution I found three days later).

  3. I can assure you that I’m just a member of the Maemo Community :)
    Ok, I’ve an high karma, I did a couple of light talk during the past Maemo Summit, and I collaborate with the community since 2-3 years ago, but just like many other community members.

  4. I wish one of the developers would contact me about why my battery is gone after 4 hours since the PR 1.1.1 update. But you are right I have the images , and I should stop trying out the extras catalog and go flash back to a generic N900 :-)

  5. How do you flash this device? Please forgive me for not being so smart in this electronic stuff but nonetheless I could use your help in this.

  6. Hi there. Perhaps, today, i will get a N900 with rebooting problem at a low price. My question is, how do i fix it? You’ve said that in extras-devel we can find that fix. What is his name? How can we find it? Thanx, and sorry for may broken english :)

  7. Hi again.
    Finaly, yesterday, i got a n900 with restart loop problem.
    What is the fix for this problem in extras-devel? Thanx

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