Nokia N900: some problems with latest PR 1.1.1 firmware

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I don't know if it's just a case or if I'm the only one who had these problems, but I'll report them anyway, maybe somebody had my same problem and we could try to prepare a proper bug report to make the Maemo team fix them.

Infinite boot loop after upgrade

First of all I have to say that before upgrading to PR 1.1.1 I checked if I had enough space on the rootfs. I only had 27 Mb and so I decided to remove some unused applications, deleted some *.deb in /var/cache/apt/archives and disabled extras repositories. Of course I also did a backup of all my configuration. After the cleaning operation I had near 60 Mb free on rootfs, enough to install the upgrade.

I closed all running applications, started the application manager and began the upgrade. After the upgrade was completed, the device did a reboot... then another one, then again, again.... until I had to remove the battery to stop it.

Conclusion: I had to re-flash the device with the latest image to make it work again.

mafw-dbus-wrapper taking all the CPU

I was watching a video (using subtitles) and after some minutes the whole UI became unresponsive. Strange because I already did this before without having any problem. I tried to check the problem using "top" utility from terminal and I saw that there was a mafw process (mafw-dbus-wrapper) that was taking 80-90% of CPU. My fault is that normally there are at least 3-4 , mafw-dbus-wrapper processes and I didn't check which one was causing the problem. Anyway I made a screenshot, just in case it can help.

I hope this short report can be useful to help Maemo team to fix or at least investigate what happened. Just leave a comment or contact me if you need more informations.

13 Responses to “Nokia N900: some problems with latest PR 1.1.1 firmware”

  1. Luarvique L Luarvique Says:

    Sorry for an offtopic question, but how do you manage to watch video with subtitles in Media Player? It never worked for me, even with the subtitles support package installed. :(

  2. Andrea Grandi Says:

    The *.srt file must have the same name of the *.avi you’re watching.

  3. Alessandro La Rosa Says:

    Ciao Andrea,

    grazie per l’utile post! Non ho ancora aggiornato l’N900 all’ultimo firmware, ma le tue informazioni mi potrebbero essere molto utili :)


    PS: ho appena scoperto il tuo blog, è molto interessante, complimenti!

  4. Andrea Grandi Says:

    Grazie :)

  5. Luarvique L Luarvique Says:

    Are other subtitle formats (*.sub, *.ass, *.ssa, *.ssf) supported?

  6. Andrea Grandi Says:

    I really don’t know, never tested other formats…

  7. Josep Says:

    I suffer to the problem of infinite loop and applying the same solution, reflash the last image available.

    I was lucky I made a backup before, I’m not used to do that.

  8. Laurent Maillard Says:

    I just wanted to say that I encountered the exact same problem with the infinite boot loop after the upgrade (I also needed to make some room on the rootfs).
    This gave me the “opportunity” to learn how to re-flash the N900.
    I hope this is the only time an official upgrade will force me to re-install the whole system.

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  10. Robin Thomas Says:

    After installing subtitles support package, goto Settings at the bottom u’ll find the Subtitle setting, click to open and check the checkbox Automatically load subtitle files.

  11. Max Waterman Says:

    I wonder if you tried the Widgets Gallery demo? What did you think?

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    [...] days ago I published some notes about my personal experience with PR 1.1.1 firmware upgrade in Nokia N900. In particular my device [...]

  13. Mike Says:

    I have encountered the same problem. I was updating to 3.2010.02-8 version via PC (running vista) when the progress bar froze. At the end (after 2 hours or so) a message saying: update failure had appeared. Since then N900 is almost dead: shows only NOKIA for 4 sec then reboots, and all over again. Please guide me through the flash step-by-step, as im only a user, not a pro developer.

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