Making Maemo email client usable with GMail

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I must admit, I wasn't using Maemo email client, because I did find it was simply unusable, at least with my GMail account.

I tried both POP3 and IMAP, but having about 25.000+ messages in my account, downloading just the headers was a job that the client simply couldn't manage.

Yesterday I knew about "recent mode" support in POP3, a functionality that GMail supports too. This mode allow you to download only last 30 days messages (in my case, no more than 1000)  so the client can manage them without any problem.

All you have to do to enable this mode is put the "recent:" string before the username. For example: if your username is "" you have to write "". Important: this mode only works with POP3, not with IMAP.

To conclude, let me say thank you to the kind guy who let me discover this mode. Thank you Sergio! Now there is another thing I can do with my tablet!

6 Responses to “Making Maemo email client usable with GMail”

  1. Paulo Cesar Says:

    Hey, you can try my method too:

    Sorry, it’s on portuguese the post, but the app it’s on english


  2. Andrew Flegg Says:


    The RapidShare link doesn’t work. Have you considered uploading it to Extras(-Devel):

  3. Paulo Cesar Says:

    I thought that link would last a little longer :) I’ll send to extras soon, just a few bugs left to solve


  4. Andrew Flegg Says:

    Paulo, “release early and release often” – extras-devel is the perfect ground to get people seeing your buggy version :-)

  5. Paulo Cesar Says:

    Ok, you won, I’ll try to send it today :) It’s already useful for my daily usage, so I think it could be useful for other people


  6. Paulo Cesar Says:

    Hi, macuco 0.1-1 was uploaded to extra-devel, check out when it’s avaiable to download!

    Contributions to the code would be nice too :)

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