Maemo on Google Summer of Code 2009

This year the Maemo community will try to join the Google Summer of code program again. Google Summer of code can be a very good opportunity for the Maemo Community, and can also give a lots of good things, like new projects/features and new people developing for Maemo.

In order to apply to Summer of code, we need help from the community, we need project ideas, mentors and interested students. The mentor organizations submissions starts in March 9.

There is a wiki page with some information regarding the Maemo participation in GSoC, feel free to add more information to the pages, especially for people that participated in previous editions of GSoC.

In 2007 some Nokia employee offered their help as mentors and backup mentors, will be fine if that happens this year too.

Note: I reported this news thanks to Valerio Valerio who wrote this on maemo-community mailing list.

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  1. How about a project that creates a complete maemo environment on SuSE’s build service. This would allow anyone to upload and build at SuSE and if it is successful it could be sent to maemo’s repositories for wider distribution. It would most likely improve the quality of packages as build problems would be revealed before they make it to maemo’s repositories.

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