What I expect in the future of Maemo Development

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In these days I was thinking about: what could be done to improve Maemo Development and power user experience? There are some points that would need to be improved. This little list pretends to be just a starting point. I hope to get some feedback so we can discuss further in the maemo-developers mailing list.

Documentation: Maemo developers use different libraries and toolkit (GTK, libui, ecc...). There is not a common place where I can look for documentation. I've to visit each library website and get it. It would be great to have a tool just like Qt Assistant, integrating all documentation, including examples and aggregating external articles using a "live RSS aggregator".

Kinetic scrolling: I really love Mauku application because of its kinetic scrolling, thanks to the Miaouw library. It would be great to have this kind of scrolling to be part of Hildon UI. Of course I'd love to have Python bindings too :)

Eclipse Support: I think Eclipse support should be improved. I'd like to have a tool that makes .deb creation easier so developers can spend more time coding and not packaging applications. I'd like to see a GUI designer integrated into Eclipse (for "integrated" I mean something like Visual Studio GUI designer.... not an external tool like Glade).

Qt Creator: Trolltech (Nokia) just released a preview release of their Qt Creator. A very powerfull IDE to develop Qt/C++ applications. It's still in alpha release, but... what about integrating Maemo development into it? (Supporting Python development too).

Maemo SAS hosting: sometimes we (well.. me at least :D ) need to write an application that uses a server part too and need to expose some API. Maemo.org offers hosting for the project, but what about the server part of the application? It would be fine if developers had the possibility to have the server side hosted by Maemo.org or Nokia.

Better GPS support: the GPS unit shipped with N810 is something unusable yet. I've tried using A-GPS too, but position fixing time is still bad, compared to an external GPS/bluetooth receiver. I often have to use my external GPS receiver to use my N810 without problems.

More audio/video codecs: often I'm not able to listen to online radios, streamings ecc... just because of a missing codec for the default Media Player.

These are just some ideas. Please feel free to comment them, I'd like to discuss them together.

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  1. Quim Gil Says:

    About the developer features:

    Documentation – please file an enhancement request explaining your idea. The last discussion I remember in maemo-community was about deploying something like http://library.gnome.org but we haven’t decided anything yet.

    Eclipse support: already present and growing. Again, if you are looking for specific features please request them.

    Qt Creator: Qt support in Harmattan will come with Qt development tools but it is too early to say what will be the exact role of Qt Creator.

    Maemo SAS hosting: please make a proposal.

    About the user features, Fremantle will offer progress in all of them.

  2. paul Says:

    This is just a stupid little thing, but it would be nice to get the actual app names back in the “application loading” info box. Helps for slips of the finger, and makes the UI seem less hacked-together.

  3. turn.self.off Says:

    while i enjoy having a app for accessing twitter, mauku’s ui sometimes drives me nuts.

    slight movements result in gestures, scrolling is hit or miss (when it goes its to fast to read, and sometimes it will move because i ever so lightly moved before release), and having to long tap to access urls is bothersome (not really mauku’s fault tho as my tablets screen seems to “double-tap” when a specific level of force is applied)…

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